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Thread: Stumped on Quel'Delar

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    Stumped on Quel'Delar

    So I'm a tank warrior first and foremost. I run Arms as a sort of toy spec and often flip-flop between pvp and pve arms. (because I can't let the past go.) I often do a ton of theorycrafting, and pride myself on the access to information. I mean, the answer to my question really should be a no-brainer, but I constantly second guess my opinion. So here goes:

    Which quest item is better for an Arms Warrior:

    Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful - Item - World of Warcraft <- Leaning towards this one.
    +Strength base AP
    +Higher top end damage/slower speed
    -no bonus crit

    Quel'Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned - Item - World of Warcraft
    +Armor Penetration
    +Bonus crit from Agi
    -Straight AP (less)
    -Lower top end/Faster speed

    Because I can only do this once, not only do I want to know if one is hands-down better, but I want to know the alternate case - in which the other becomes the better choice (pvp? pve? overloaded ArP/Haste?) I'm also a math guy, in which case words like "around" or "about" don't work for me. (I also love substantiation and evidence!)

    Answers I already know:
    1. Yes sword is not so hot for arms. Problem is, I haven't had an upgrade since Betrayer of Humanity. So either is an upward deal.
    2. Maxdps has both of these in the 2300s, with an 8.4 Seperation.
    3. I know what "good" arms itemization is, and both of these are half/half.
    4. I'm a noob.

    *Note: Starting in the HALP forum, if someone runs the data sufficent enough to provide helpful information beyond helping just me, thanks goes to the mod that moves appropriately.
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    I'll be honest, I'm in the same boat. I got the hilt drop the first day we ran the new 5mans.

    My gut actually leans me more towards the 2nd one. Although, in both cases neither one is really for an arms warrior with the current Sword spec being vastly less than Axe/Polearm.

    As you said, some stats work out well with ArP on the 2nd and +STR on the first. The one thing I also don't like on the 2nd is the faster swing speed, but if you take into account the haste on #1, it's probably a push there.

    I have not looked on MaxDPS or seen if Landsoul has updated the spreadsheet yet, but my guess is #2 wins out by just a hair. But, I've been known to be wrong before, so...

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    I'd wager the second one. ArP is a stat that improves in value the more you have. Generally, it's the arms warriors who stack arp more so than fury especially if you are mace spec (which you would move away from, with a sword).

    The first one strikes me as a fury weapon. Although the haste is bad with respect to flurry, the high crit is needed for rampage uptime (bleeds are still useful for arms, especially if the Trauma saves a feral kitteh from being the manglebot)

    One things for sure, I am somewhat glad that there is no tank option, I'd be torn between tank weapon and healer weapon on my pally, being prot/holy. Because tanking is so much more gear sensitive than healer gear, my prot set always gets first priority on badge spending, and my holy set suffers. I pity the holy/ret paladins.

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    See, here's where the water I had almost clear gets murky again.

    Most of the information I've dug up reccomends the strength version (Might) for arms due to the top end, and just dealing with the (near) useless haste. meanwhile several reports for fury are favouring the agility version (Ferocity) because it makes an ok offhand "stat stick."

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