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Thread: Question: 3.3, Abundant Triumphs and pally tank T9.

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    Question: 3.3, Abundant Triumphs and pally tank T9.

    Hello Everyone,

    A bit of background, my guild was formed mostly from people who wanted to get away from the hardcore raiding, thus, we are mostly a 10-man progression guild. We have been taking our group and filling 25's with pugs more often recently. With the addition of the new pugging system we will probably do this more often. The questions I have pertain to to the fact that 3.3 is offering an abundance of Triumph badges for my fellow guildies and I to catch up.

    I am the guild's MT, and at this point though we have almost completed ToC 10 with out really hitting any 25 Man raids for gear, so I feel I am very under geared for what I am trying to do. Now that I have access to the Triumph's here is what I am trying to figure out, I am hoping you awesome people can give me some advice.

    I have 2 pieces of T9 at this point, pants, and shoulders. I have the option to upgrade that to a full 4 piece set with one of the triumph or crafted pieces. I think the T9 4-set bonus is very good, but what I am wondering is if I am better off with replacing the T9 232 shoulders, with the 232 T9 gloves, keeping the pants, and getting the Triumph Helm/25 Ony helm, Triumph Shoulders, and crafting the ToC Chest Piece.

    So Does the 2 set T9 bonus, and those 3 pieces of 245 gear, outweigh having 1 of the 245 pieces and the 4 set bonus? Also just for reference the pieces being replaced (Gloves, Helm, and chest) are T8.5 and conquest gloves. What will best prepare me for ICC 10?

    Thank You for reading, sorry if any of this is confusing.

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    the best way you can go about this is compare the stats with both setups you are considering, then decide which setup better suits your needs.

    I got a feeling that the more ilvl245 gear you get on, the better overall your setup will be

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    I would go for the higher item level gear. I can't say for certain about the value of the 4pc bonus for Paladins, but the bonus EH from the crafted chest and bracers (both also easily accessible with a bit of gold or badges) will make your life a lot easier on fights like Gormok or Anub where significant amounts of damage are unavoidable.

    Just out of curiosity - why do you feel that you're undergeared? Picking up a full set of T9 (and then looting the remaining pieces out of ToC10) would make you theoretically well enough geared to start entering ICC10. From what Blizzard has done in the past with WotLK, there's been no need to walk into the previous 25 man content in order to successfully complete the current 10 man (although it does make it easier).

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