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Thread: Wut pvp in pve u n00b what r u thinking

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    Wut pvp in pve u n00b what r u thinking

    Is what I expect to see if I just try this in game myself.

    So I DK tank, and I saw a tank (warrior) using a shield from arena gear in PvE! Woah! And he wasen't fail! Probably one of the best warrior tanks I've seen on my server.

    So I got to thinking! Maybe I could find something from arena gear to implement in my pve set!

    Then I saw them! 1 handed weapons! Slow, massive stamina, better attack power / crit then the ones I use for tanking right now, and sockets too!

    So I want to get them. But it's alot of work, so I figured I'd ask you guys here about them!

    Keep in mind, im a DW DK tank.

    The cons: Agility! About 100 some is lost. 75 armor pen. 75 haste.

    The pros: 160 more stamina! 100 more attack power! 30-40 more dps on each weapon also.

    Also, i'll get about 100 resil. I don't know how that'll effect my tanking.

    Can I get some input on these items?

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    A Warrior (or Paladin for that matter) using a PvP shield in the PvE world is hardly something new.
    In BC some of the best shields regarding EH came from PvP (at least to my knowledge).

    That said, with EH pretty king in ICC and threat such as it is (will probably get an increase in threat with the new weapons actually...), I see no real reason you couldn't get them to tank with.
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    The PvP items in question should actually work very well for Death knight tanking. A warrior or paladin wouldn't be able to use them quite as well, but by slapping some defensive runes (i.e - Parry, Spell deflect, or Nerubian Carapace) on there, those can be among the best tanking weapons, if not THE best, that a DK can get, particularly a DW DK.

    I'd just stick to the weapons, though, and not go for PvP armor pieces in your tanking set. ;-)

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    Huh... Would a DK tank benefit from a two-hander PvP weapon as well? I might have to get a guild mate into some arenas.

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    Yeah, the PvP two-handers are amazing for DK tanks as well. I wouldn't go as far to call them BiS (although they very well might be) with weapons like Glorenzulg (or whatever it's called) or Shadowmourne, etc. but it would probably be as close to BiS as you could get short of LK 25. If you can get the 2200 rating version (the 277 ilvl), it is probably pretty comparable to the BiS choices.

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    the pvp 1hMainhand is bis by far for dw tanking, im gonna get atleast the mh one myself, Can argue/debate a tank offhand (maybe lichking 1htank) would be better then the offhand axe but if you get the mainhand the offhand is cheap/easy at thatpoint. Its kinda nice if you dw pvp 1h's you'll have more stamina then even the pve 2h's and close to equal the pvp2h gives which is generally the big negitive about dw tanking atm imo.

    Currently 2h frost or bloodtank (depending on the fight) since alot less demand for 2h weapons especially the cryptmaker.

    The 2h's are pretty dam close to BiS, lose str for ap which will cost ya some parry but gain a ton of stamina. If your anygood at pvp can get the 277 pvpstuff Wayfaster then you'd get the legit dk weapons from a raid prolly unless your a top100guild id assume.

    Only gripe is they were super lazy with the weapons they all look the F'ing same, Both pvp teirs mirror a droped weapon from icc its pretty lame :/ Not saying pvp/pve should be cooler then the other graphic wise but they shouldnt be the same for sure.

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    Wow! Thanks for all the replies! I guess I'll keep doing daily BGs for the arena points and building up my set from honor, then work with my friends for some 3v3 when we're all geared!

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    don't neglect arena b4 you're geared to do so, doing atleast 10 games a week for the extra points and experience will be worth it if you're truly going for the 2200 weapon. as you only get 25 points for the daily and the 2h costs close to 5k arena points

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