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Thread: Prot Paladin Gemming

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    Prot Paladin Gemming

    Hi, I'm a new protadin, just wondering, should i follow all socket bonuses that are 6+ stam till i get better gear, then just use stam gems and 1 red gem, or should i just gem stam from start. I dont have an armory link yet, im still 75 but im thinking ahead of time just in case.

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    As a fresh 80 tank there's a reasonable chance that you'll need to worry about Defense Rating, especially since a lot of the "starter" gear from places like TotC-5 don't have any on it (see a lot of new tanks complaining about Def Rating whilst using Peacekeeper Blade and Mark of the Relentless, for example). As a result, you may find that matching socket bonuses where one or more sockets is yellow is quite attractive. By matching yellows with Enduring Eye of Zul (10 Def/15 Stam) you should be able to avoid matching "unattractive" red sockets.

    As a general rule of thumb, I tend to ignore socket bonuses of less than +9 Stam, using Shifting Dreadstone (10 Agi/15 Stam) and Solid Majestic Zircon (30 Stam) for red and blue sockets respectively where the bonus is attractive. Having said that, +6 Stam might be worth matching if one of the sockets is yellow if you are still struggling to maintain crit immunity.

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    For future reference, this would be the appropriate forum for this sort of question:

    Though I'm pretty confident this question has been answered, if you were to search for answers before just asking the question.
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