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Thread: Gear Check: How far till ToGC10?

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    Gear Check: How far till ToGC10?



    I recently leveled a Death Knight in hopes of going back to my usual end game raiding schedule that I followed @60 and @70. Argent Dawn however, a horrible choice for a server... damn you rl friends! *shakes fist*

    Gearing is random and slow and there are more pug runs than guild runs. I am attempting to form a guild (with close to zero success) and have succumbed to the servers "Alliances" system which is very annoying to manage as a raid leader / loot distributer as I haven't yet found 25competent people.

    Keeping the above circumstances in mind and taking into account the fact that I have only been 80 (and on WoTLK) for a whopping 2weeks I'd like you guys to check out my gear and tell me what else I can do to improve my gear to make it easier for healers (mainly the FAIL healers I have to deal with).

    I can confidently say I can tank all of ToC25 (Regular Mode) but since I don't have a guild, I can't quite gear up as effectively i.e. I might have a different OT every week and continue to lose gear every week. Pssst ANY guilds recruiting a competent tank? :|

    Feel free to point out obvious things. Like "Oh you should spend your triumph badges to get t9 from argent tournament ground area as opposed to Dalaran". Like I said, I'm new to WoTLK. I was pretty happy though to be able to raid lead people who'd never done ToC before after only reading boss abilities (didn't have time to watch Tankspot videos at the moment. They are really good! Too bad I didn't know they existed at the time)

    My Gear

    Frost Spec - Unbuffed 33k (or 34k I can't remember) hp
    Loisonsta (Argent Dawn) Clickey!
    (A bit buggy with presences hence uncertainty with actual HP number)

    I just looked into blood spec tanking before writing this post and am pretty excited to try it out once blizzard updates its servers. A slight hp boost and slight avoidance boost is all I notice on chardev but it seems to be better for tanking bosses. If I'm ever to tank adds I'd probably switch back to my frost spec.

    Banked "Upgrades"

    I have available for use are the Ony10 ring and the Ony10 Helm. I also got the T8.5 hand and T8 pants from VoA (As much as I like the 4pc set bonus of T8. T9 is the better stam/avoidance set by far and have to reluctantly use it) It annoys me to no end that the T8.5hand from VoA is > T9 as a stam upgrade... I want my triumph badges back. :|

    My thoughts on the helm:
    a) I don't feel like breaking the T8 set bonus
    b) I will gain 17 stam, 18hit rating, 17armor and trade from 57dodge to 77parry

    Thoughts on ring:
    I lose all avoidance from my Signet of Winter and gain resistances and defense rating

    Things I haven't bought (Because I currently find it to be a waste of my limited gold. I'd rather wait on BoP drops since I can already tank the bosses that drop close enough loot)

    The BoE Chestguard, Wrist and Boots. ALL will be ugprades/sidegrades, but for how long? and is it really necessary? Threat isn't an issue for any class but a warlock. So focusing on hit hasn't really been an issue.

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    For anyone else checking this out, this should make it a lot easier. I don't know the names of pieces, it seems. I guess I go by item image and ilvl. lol I didn't realize this until I clicked your link and didn't find any ilvls on the gear.

    WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings

    My thoughts on upgrades for you (mainly from a 10m perspective, since I don't run 25):

    - Neck, Boot, Ring, Legs, and Cape upgrades from ToC 10
    - Get triumph badge ring
    - Replace two of your dodge gems with stam gems
    - Replace the last dodge gem with a regal dreadstone (dodge/stam) or since ICC kicks dodge in the ass maybe guardians dreadstone? (parry/stam)
    - Get your gloves enchanted - If threat is not an issue, I would get +18 stam leatherworking patch (I have hit on my gloves currently mainly because I'm too lazy to change my glyphs for the Gormok fight)
    - Change out your blue stam gems for epic
    - Wow get either the conquest badge legs or T9 legs (once you get those use the epic leg enchant)
    - Get the 50 triumph trinket - Change out the gossamer trink
    - If you're running ToC 25, get Satrina's trinket (godly)
    - Replace your chest enchant with the 275 health one
    - Once you switch out a ring, replace your cloak enchant with the 225 armor one
    - Get your triumph sigil

    Lots of work ahead still!

    Fair warning that much of this may be invalidated now that ICC is out. lol
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    But that doesnt have my new pants! And I need to put +10 to all stats on my chest since I'm over def capped. I'm working on sons of hodir exalted. Then I'll replace the helm enchant and change back from +16def to 225armor.

    Oh, I dont look at item level... I hate it when people are asking me what item level my items are... I don't care. Stats > All. I dont need blizzard telling me whats better, I like to decide for myself.

    Oh alright nethervoid you updated you post. Triumph badge income is low. 3.3 Should fix that hopefully. Still hoping to find competent people. I has new pants! And you're basically saying screw every dodge gem I have and put in a stam gem. Correct? Idk gear requirements for ICC. but I presume I need to at least have some heroic toc25 gear before I even set foot in there.
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