hi ther first sorry for my bad english but hope som ppl understand what im typing hehe ....
hi ther..
can you guys pls tell me what gear I shod be going for I am trying to get 9,5 gear atm but no luck on throfy's :P other problem is that my TPS is low to when I tank cant seem to get it up fast enouf anyone who can give me som tips as well how to Improve that .. i use Tnt ice touch bloodstike 2 to get blade barrie then i use Ob then rune dups whit frost strike and I use ruin strik when ever its up and then I use blood boil as well when ther is more then one target to tank .. but stil seem to Loss agro on singel targets mobs fast if I dont use tnt
hope som ppl can help

link for amory The World of Warcraft Armory