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Thread: Keybinds keep resetting

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    Keybinds keep resetting

    Hey all,

    I'm having a problem on my alts with keybinds constantly resetting when I log out.

    I just came back from a 8 month break and had to reinstall the game. I installed Ariedans UI and everything works great on my Warrior but all of my alts(which I have the addons turned off for) have keybinds I have never used. I cant save them individually or otherwise.

    Anyone have any idea what causes this?

    Edit- the binds arent even default they are like somone else's
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    Look for files named bindings-cache.txt in your account directory (there's a main one for global keybindings and possibly one in the per-character directories if you've enabled per-character keybindings.

    While bindings are stored on the server as of 3.x, you can add key bindings by editing this file while out of game. I believe the server does some kind of timestamp comparison to decide whether the server or client side is more up to date, then replaces the "older" side.

    If you've somehow got local binding files with a date far in the future (which may have happened if you're using another UI and your unzip did something silly), then you may be seeing the client push it's bindings to the server every time you log in because it always things the client is newer.

    You can delete all these files, then log into each of your characters; that should create new copies with what the server currently has on file for you. If those are incorrect, you may have to re-do the bindings one last time, after which they should stay the way you've set them.

    Hope that helps
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    I did some messing around last night with it and took the mods out and everything worked fine. So I knew it was mod or wtf related.

    After reading your post I checked the files and my Warrior had all the settings but for some reason the files in my alts folders were blank and had 0 bytes. I might just try and copy the correct files to the others folders and see if it works otherwise I'll figure something else out.

    Thanks for the help.

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