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Thread: Resto Healing + Mimiron HM

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    Resto Healing + Mimiron HM

    Hello Everyone,

    I had a horrid time contributing to Mimiron 10man hardmode on the weekend as it was the first time i've tried it. Is there any advice from other trees out there? I was definitely the weak link in our 3 healer setup (a Holy Paladin and a Resto Shaman were the other two healers).

    From my observations of the fight, it appeared to be a different type of fight that moves away from a resto druid's strength (unlike the Twin Valks in ToC) as there was quick bursts of damage to a single target in the raid. Normally, with bursts of damage, I would be casting rejuv, regrowth (if time willing -- wildgrowth), and nourish in that order. However, by that time, the heals from nourish could land, i'd already be part of the overhealing component.

    I tried to change my healing to utilize regrowth and nourish more but neither were really strong enough on its own to be effective. When i looked at my Recount after the fights, it appeared that most of my dismal healing contribution was from nourish.

    As a resto druid, i always feel as if Nourish should not be cast without at least 1 HoT on the target as it is weak and mana inefficient. I also feel rejuv is at the basis of all our healing. However, 1 GCD+Nourish is already too much time spent it seems.

    My group felt certain that this was actually a fight that was harder for pallies than druids so i'm hoping to pick everyone's brains and see if there is a better healing "focus" for this fight. Perhaps I am just geared poorly for this scenario as I do not have too much haste.

    Thanks for reading the above and for any suggestions below .
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    Firstly, this fight is quite long and complex, which phase are you having most difficulty with?

    Also are you running with healing assignments? If so, what are they?

    It sounds like you are having trouble with the napalm shells, indeed there is not enough time to cast a HoT and a nourish in order to keep the targeted player up with confidence, considering lag plus reaction time.

    In this instance you should cast an un-HoTed nourish in order to keep the player alive and then a regrowth and/or a rejuv.

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    My thoughts would be they're having trouble on the first phase where the napalm AND the massive Tank damage from spellfire will put a strain.

    The napalm is healable yet it also depends on your raid members perogative to stay spread apart as having more than 1 person sprayed will put massive strain on raid healing. No amounts of castable hots would save someone if more than 2 at the very most gets napalmed.

    The spellfire damage is dependant on external damage cooldowns. And reactive healing to be done soon after. The damage stacks up over that short period because it's half-second ticks of 10000+ damage.

    Paladins have problems because of two factors. The healing is spread between a tank beacon and napalm healing. The beacon on the tank makes one part of the problem moot but then again there's a lag factor to consider between the direct heal we do and the beacon heal.

    HoTs rolling would be one thing. Then it becomes a mater of pre-mediation of damage which isn't too good if you seem to miss the guesswork a lot. Best to be safe with an actual heal than guaranteed heals rolling from HoTs and then popping an extra-boosted heal spell on top.
    Healing is the source of life. Without it, you're left with death.

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    I'm not a tree personally, but i two healed this fight along side a Tree, me being a Disc Priest.

    Firstly i'd recomend trying to two heal the fight, even though it may feel like you are overwelmed by the healing using 3 healers, you'll find a lot of the healing is being overlapped. We started trying to heal it with a Tree, Paladin and Myself and we were having deaths feeling like we needed 4 healers.

    We then decided to try and 2 heal it with the extra damage on Mimiron easing up the healing due to faster phases. This worked amazingly, we had Mimiron down in 4 tries i think it was. We then started to only have 2 Blasts on the tank in Phase 1, and the part where Mimiron puts out the whole fire in the room happened around 10% of Mimirons health. It was much easier.

    With Tree and Myself in phase 2, we just healed a group each, (He just kept HoTs up on the melee and tanks) and i healed the ranged with shields mainly. Again with the extra damage, this phase was just that much easier to allow us to do it. One thing to mention though, is that remember to keep moving and only stop for cast times, this helped me tons as i was able to shield on the move and everytime Mimiron focused on me he would hit me once or twice and i'd already be out of the firing direction, reducing tons of damage.

    If you can make it past the first 2 phases with everyone alive, then the third and fourth phases aren't anything special.


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    We did this first time with holy pala, resto druid me as resto shaman. We might have been "little" over geared for this, but still this takes lots of practise from most of the groups to get used to the required movement in this fight. Keep yourself up, keep the tank up and keep enough dps up to make it to the 10min timelimit. With our 3 healers we managed to go clearly under 9min (no-one died on that try) so going with 2 healers ain't must for this.

    In P1 holydin was on tank, druid was on ranged and I was casting CH on melee when needed and other times helped on ranged and napalm shell healing. On napalm shell healing you need fast heals to keep the target alive, so spam few fast heals and then put some hots to top him from the last ticks. I used something like LHW, LHW, RT or LHW, RT, LHW. Don't bother opening with HoT as target probably die because of the ticks.

    In P2 I was spamming CH on melee when needed and helped pala and druid on ranged when needed. We used heroism in this phase to keep it as short as possible. And tell the dps to get out of the melee range if the boss is surrounded by fire if they don't get it by themselves.

    In P3 I can't remeber who healed which tank, but I was healing plate dps taking bomb-bots (didn't have cc for them) and helping where ever needed. In the end of the P3 tank has to taunt the head so in P4 head will be spamming the tank which lowers healing needed on that ranged tank as in P4 those hits hurt more. And remember to kill also the emergency bots at the end of this phase or earlier. They might seem to help you, but getting fire capped with somewhat controlled fire kiting at the beginning of P4 is better than having these flames spawning where ever you go since fire will be put out from huge areas by frost bomb in P4.

    In P4 we did like in P1 and again everyone help where needed.

    And most importantly: This fight ain't about who is leading the healing meters and how much you do overhealing, it's all about movement, awareness about your surroundings and making sure your mana pool is going to last for 8+mins (don't be scared if your manapool goes down fast in first two phases since P3 is easy for healers if done properly).

    If people is still dying, use Recounts or some other addons info to check on what they died of and think for moment was it healers fault or bad movement from dps or bad boss placement from tank. And if needed replace players who die from try to try for game mechanics that could have been avoided easily.

    Keep training the phases and you'll eventualy will make it.

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    As a resto druid that mainly healed mimiron on 25-men I found out that the best way to
    work with Napalm shell is to just zoom out as far as possible. Look around by moving
    the camera view and whenever you see a big ball of fire flying towards someone: target
    that person (on the actualy game screen, not the UI) and spam nourish till napalm shell
    is finished.
    If you find that Nourish isn't strong enough you could use a LB after the first
    nourish to buff nourish.
    (It's best to use lb as a nourish buff because of the recent
    changes to GoTeM the gcd of lb is the shortest meaning you can start spamming nourish again all the sooner)

    But if that 1 gcd was just too long and your target died it's best to spam nourish.
    A nourish without hots may not be our most efficient heals. But a druid got to do what a druid got to do.

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