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Thread: Unconventional DPS warriors

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    Unconventional DPS warriors

    Is anyone out there actually dpsing as something weird, a la dual wield arms, or 1h fury?

    I'm a prot warrior who really doesn't ever DPS and am just curious if I would be hunted down and castrated for attempting either of these

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    You could try Prot-DPS.

    Build looks something like this: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warr...xxUT,R8d,10952
    There is also the possibility to shift points from Cruelty to Imp. Overpower & Taste for Blood, but at least with lower gear it isn't worth it, because Devastate does more damage than Overpower (even when factoring in the higher crit chance). When and if it becomes feasable, i can't tell.

    As gear you wear normal plate dps gear and a slow MH + Shield. Gemming either for strength or armor pen.

    Shield Slam > (Rend) > (Overpower) > Devastate

    Rend might be worth it even with the spec without Overpower, but i don't have the numbers in my head.
    You don't generate a lot of Rage, but you don't need a lot either. Sword & Board makes a lot of SS free of cost and Devastate and Overpower are cheap as hell.

    The theoretical output isn't as high as Arms or Fury, but it is something a bit different.
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    Yea my goal isn't to be groundbreaking DPS, I just would like to consider something bizzaro to try out for shits and giggles.

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    I'm pretty sure you'll get lynched or just left out of raids. Doing 'meh' dps these days means no raid invites.

    I'll tell you this though, being able to pop on a shield and hop to defensive stance in Fury can give a raid group enough time to battle-rez a tank and should not be forgotten about.
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