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Thread: 10man TOC.... Tank dies, it's tanks fault.... -_-

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    For ToC 10, there's no reason to take more than 2 stacks of the debuff. It falls off in time to switch at 2 stacks. ToC 25 man is a different story.

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    Start the fight everything is fine pally (the MT, coz the grp leader hates DK tanks as MT) Gets the boss, tanks him though 4 stacks of impale then we switch.
    Yeah..its because the raid leader hates DK MT..nothing to do with the fact that you haven't taken advantage of epic gems to boost your health pool or bothered to work on your professions at all, despite the buffs they would provide. If you'd taken the time to level your professions, you'd have a stam pool that would make you a viable tank in ToC ten, but now you're just wasting your raid's time imho.

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    Blood Worms are a terrible talent for a tank. They attack from the front and can cause parries.

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    I'd step your gear up. The t8.5 two-piece available for badges is going to be a vast upgrade from the t7 and toc helm. Also, if you're going to rock a non-epic cloak smash on H Nexus and get the one from the optional boss in the hall of stasis. Leveling professions would give you a huge boost as well. Switch to the conquest badge gear ASAP. Gloves, belt, both are great upgrades. Once you get your gear to a suitable place you'll be in good shape... provided you find a non-hater raid leader.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotherone View Post
    Interesting spec no Rune Tap or Improved Rune Tap and you have 4 points left over? When I tank in Blood Spec I use Rune Tap a lot; what's the theory behind not having it?
    Probably only because I'm terrible and lazy, I never remember to use trinkets or anything. If you're not lazy like me and have scrub healers it's probably the best.
    Also about the bloodworms, yeah they're pretty lame for tanking.. I don't really give a damn about parries since I roll with too much health to care (43k unbuffed, I can't remember how much buffed but it's prob 52-53k).

    I can't remember where I put my 4, 3/3 ravenous dead and 1/3 DnD to lower the CD a bit. RD helps with my threat (and a teeny bit of avoidance) because DK threat isn't fantastic.. and before you go calling me a bad, bear in mind our top dps average 9-10k dps without too much trouble so they are hard to keep at bay.
    ICC has just made it that much harder, losing 20% dodge but gaining 17% RS threat is a backwards step.

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