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Thread: What to buy w/ triumph badges w/ 3.3 coming out soon?

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    What to buy w/ triumph badges w/ 3.3 coming out soon?

    So the rumor mill says 3.3 will be around the corner and triumph badges will be available via simple heroic farming (made more so by random heroics giving additional triumph badges). Due to real life commitments and stuff, I've had to take some time off from WoW, but now I'm coming back and want to update my gear. Currently, I'm still decked out in almost all Naxx-25 gear, so practically everything needs an upgrade!

    I, however, am not looking to re-enter the "serious" raiding scene, but still want to gear myself up to the best of my abilities. I plan on doing 10-man normals regularly, and might pug 25 periodically (yes, I said pug =/ ) Being able to tank 10-mans is a goal eventually, but it's not something I'm scheduling consistently.

    Regardless of all that though, I'm pretty diligent at farming heroics for badges (eg I'll sit down on a Saturday and crank out every heroic in one sitting), yet at the same time, I don't like doing stuff for waste (eg buying something only to replace it shortly after). So in light of that, I'm trying to figure out what I want to spend my triumph badges on once they become significantly more obtainable. Specifically, these are the slots I'm considering:

    Head - Hellscream's Greathelm of Conquest (T9.232) vs Headplate of the Honorbound (75 Triumph Badges)
    Shoulders - Hellscream's Pauldrons of Conquest (T9.232) vs Shoulderguards of Enduring Order (45 Triumph Badges)
    Chest - Hellscream's Breastplate of Conquest (T9.232) vs Breastplate of the White Knight (Crafted Chest) vs Icebound Bronze Cuirass (if I want to save money.. those are chests I found on PTR item list.. I assume they'll be from a ICC-5 Heroic)
    Hands - Hellscream's Handguards of Conquest (T9.232) -- can't really see any other alternative
    Leg - Hellscream's Legguards of Conquest (T9.232) -- although I'm not sure I like the itemization on them

    Part of the question I have is how great is the 4 PC T9 set bonus? Is it worth getting it? If not, then perhaps I'll use the badge head & shoulders, which are iLvl 245. If I do get only the 2 pc, is there an alternative to using hand + leg, because I'm really not that much of a fan of the leg piece. Also, I've sorta gotten rusty on what stats are important for a warrior tank. I know stamina will always be important, but say I'm comparing helmets.. one gives a butt-ton more defense than the other. Both have dodge to varying degrees, but one gives a lot more SBV while the other gives expertise (aren't they both threat stats?)

    Any suggestions?

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    The 4 piece set bonus for warriors is not that fantastic, the 2 set however is quite useful. I would suggest getting the 245 helm, 232 tier shoulders, crafted chest and 232 hands.

    For legs you could get the 232 tier although it isn't itemized fantastically, if you do end up getting 232 legs then get the 245 shoulders in my opinion.

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