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Thread: Arena and the Disc Priest. Few questions.

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    Arena and the Disc Priest. Few questions.

    Hi all! As they say....Long time reader, first time poster

    Just recently began to play the Arena with my Discipline priest. Obviously, when the match begins, they target me first. With the outcome usually being me goin down very quickly
    I was just curious about the optimal numbers I need to be competitive. Roughly, where should my SP, Crit, Haste, Int, Spirit, and Resilience be?
    Also, in your opinions, what class would make the "best" teammate?

    Any other tips on survivability would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Al

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    Hi there.

    Regarding your stats: As high as possible. Most priests feel comfortable around 950+ Resilience, which is hard to obtain without the PVP Mainhand, Offhand and Wand but go as high as you can. Hit-Cap (~5%) and SpellPenetration Soft-cap are also desirable but if survivability is much of an issue those can be pushed aside for now.

    Priests are very versatile but most team up with Rogues, Warlocks and Mages. Those are classes that can put out enough pressure on the opponents with their CC and damage as well as help you out should you be under pressure.

    You also need to learn how to be offensive and help your team mate nuke the opponent down. In some of these comps you are not even the desirable target to attack.

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