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Thread: Raid Setup for ToGC?

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    Raid Setup for ToGC?

    Hi, First srry for my english i'll try to be clear.

    well we start togc with no raid setup in mind and result in many wipes in lord jarax xD this time want to plan a cool raid setup but we are not sure with what raid setup go to the encounters.

    this is we thinking ->

    is a good one at least 4 the northend beasts and lord jarax?

    thanks =)

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    When I am making ToGC groups I usually beging making sure I have 2 things.

    1. Heroism
    2. Some for of MS (which you do not have)
    3. Nature Resist Buff

    We also try and take 2 healers instead of 3 for Jar Jar Portals, Twins Bubble and Anub. You will find Anub hard in p3 when learning with 3 healers and no MS. Asides those 3 key requirements as long as you take some very heavy dps and min/max to suit which you basically have you should be fine.

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