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Thread: Omg another new tank!!

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    Omg another new tank!!

    I have finally did it after about a month and a half of quest grinding and so on I have myself a lvl 80 Blood Elf Pally WOOT!! Now....here comes the daunting task of tanking heroics. I am looking for any advice anyone may have about tanking heroics in general and so on. I am always open to constructive criticism if you do plan on checkin out my toon Niteshade on Area 52.


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    Hey Mate,

    Have you tanked before? If not have a look around the site for some of the basic tanking guides. Specifically Cider's Awareness and movement guide is great.

    As far as pally specific advice the best place i can point you is this thread over on Maintankadin:

    Maintankadin • View topic - 3.2 Frequently *Answered* Questions - Tankadin basics

    and follow that on to the advance training if you still have a mind for it.

    Jere also has a great writeup of our rotation here:


    Hopefully thats enough to get you started.


    Roll with the punches.

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    Thank you so much for the starting advice. yeah this is my first tank so i'm learning as I go. So far I haven't had any complaints which is always good and pretty much all I learned I learned while watching another pally tank.

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