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Thread: [A] - Khadgar - Original Sin - Recruiting dedicated Raiders.

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    [A] - Khadgar - Original Sin - Recruiting dedicated Raiders.

    Original Sin, an Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar(PvE), is recruiting!

    We've been around for the better part of 3 years. We've been through every possible setback a guild can experience and we are still around. As far as raid progress is concerned, we're doing mostly 10 man (and some 25 man) ICC. ToC is clearly on farm and is generally ran once a week to gear up people. As we get more people 25 man raids may become the focus once more.

    We tend to try and keep our recruitment quite strict. As a result, we like our players to:

    1. Be mature & well versed in some netiquette.
    2. Be able to understand raid encounters and 'how do I avoid standing in green/red/blue/yellow stuff that hurts me'.
    3. Be able to dedicate 3 nights a week to raiding.
    4. Be able to master their class and do research into it on their own.
    5. Be independent and not in need of constant attention, pampering or suffering from 'please hold my hand doing this or that' syndrome.

    And since this is a cross-realm recruitment thread, you should be willing to transfer to Khadgar! Even horde players are welcome, should you desire to cross over to Alliance.

    We want players that care more about the group of people they play with than the promise of fat epics. We intend to get *@@! done, without selling our souls to the fat purples gods. If you want to make a difference in a guild instead of being drone number x who's there to fill the slot and perform the task y, but you like the feel of being part of the solution to having a smooth running guild, we are the guild you should consider.

    Recruitment is open at the moment for all classes, but we're specifically looking for the following:

    1 or 2 Hybrid Tanks: a Druid or DK would be swell.
    1 Holy/Disc Priest
    1 Holy Paladin.
    1 Hunter & Enhancement Shaman

    As I said, all other applications will be considered as well! The best place to apply would be on the recruitment forums on our website: http://www.original-sin-guild.org

    We hope to hear from you!
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