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Thread: Rate my Tank:

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    Rate my Tank:

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    Hi there!

    My first Character end-game was a Paladin, which turned out to be a healer at 70, then I switched to a Hunter for 80, and now i've rolled another Paladin for my tanking class.
    Enjoying it so much, i'm hoping to switch it to my Main.

    Was wondering what sorta stats that I should be aiming for like %'s and all that. Atm, only tanking TotC10, and I was wondering what i'm capable of tanking.

    Is there anything major or even minor I should change to become a pretty much main tank in a guild?

    My talents seem fine, gear seems ok that i've picked up whilst rushing to 80, Glyphs imo seem fine too.

    Also, I was wondering what I should gem from now on, like dodge/parry/hit rating gems etc.

    I do know that my belt doesnt have a belt buckle on it, picked it up on wednesday last week and im away from home atm so havent had a chance to put one in.

    It would be greatly appreciated on what step I should now take with my Paladin and see what you guys think too.

    Thank you for reading, look forward to seeing replies

    (Long time reader, finally posting!)

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    bump for myself

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