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Thread: New Arms Warrior

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    New Arms Warrior

    So Ive read there is a cap for Exp, 26, but then also read there is not for an Arms warrior. Im at 26 so should be ok, however next should be Hit capped?, what is it and should I gem for it, mine is at 214, which may be a little too low remeber something about 264...should I gem for that? Crit rating pre raid buffs is at 32.3 %...should I drop some crit gems and put more in hit or str. So I guess my question is what are caps and in what order of importance...generally speaking of course.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    armory link above

    Thanks for your help

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    26 Expertise means a raid boss can no longer dodge your attacks, you can still be parried if attacking from the front. Over 26 Expertise is generally a waste for a dps.

    262 is the specials hit cap for a two hander, I don't play a Warrior so I'm unsure if you have talents that add +hit. 214 is a little low, you could just eat +hit food until you get some other gear upgrades.

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    Hit is your first priority for capping it at 264, should show you at 8.02% on your character sheet.

    Next up is expertise. Normall, all melee cap at 26 expertise, which is 6.4%, rounded up to 6.5%. With arms, you can get away with less expertise because of the Weapon Mastery talent. With this talent, each point adds 4 expertise to your character sheet, effectively bringing the cap down to 22 and 18 for 1 and 2 points.

    Being past 26 expertise, 213.2 Expertise Rating, is never useful to melee since you should always be attacking from behind the boos or mobs at all times when possible.

    For Arms, there's two gemming stats you should concern yourself with. STR and ArP (Armor Penetration)

    In your case, you'll be gemming ArP. Past 30-35% ArP from gear alone, ArP becomes a better stat to gem and gear for point for point than str. It gets even better the more you have, so concerning ArP, it's ALL or NOTHING. never gem for crit, agility, spellpower or anything inbetween.

    For your meta, you want to use a Relentless ES, the +agil/+crit% one. This way you can gem jsut one Nightmare tear, made by JC's, and have room for one more juicy ArP gem in your gear. I'd throw the NMT in your helm, for the best socket bonus (8str).

    A GT or MJRS really helps you in carving faces with the ArP proc of 43-48%. BoV, which I see you already have on, is great for that as well, but not nearly as effective as GT or MJRS. Once you reach about 75% ArP, from gear+battle stance (10 or 16% depending on t9 set bonus 2p) it becomes more beneficail to drop the GT/MJRS for a pure dps trinket, like death's choice, DMC: G or BoV, with pure passive ArP on it.

    BTW, Grimtoll drops from multiple bosses in Naxx25, and Mjonir Runestone drops from Thorim 10m HM.

    Everything else looks perfect.

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