New Level 80 here.

I was wondering if all my specs and gear are good enough to tank Ulduar 10.

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Are my glyphs and talents all right? I know my gear isn't exactly great, but I'm working on getting the Conquest helm and chest.

Any weapon advice as well? I'm currently using Sword of Justice but I'm hoping to get Death's Bite in the future.

As for my rotation, I was wondering if there is a more effective rotation. Here's mine below:

Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> (usually followed with Pestilence and Blood Boil if I'm against a mob), 2 Blood Strikes -> Obliterate -> Howling Blast and I'll Frost Strike the remaining rune power away.

Speaking of Frost Strike, can anyone come up with a macro in which it will automatically Rune Strike if I have sufficient runic power, but Frost Strike if I don't?

Last but not least, here are my important stats:

Def: 549
Dodge: 22/06%
Parry: 16.76%
UB HP: 30k
Agility: 134
Str: 818