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Thread: Trinkets

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    I currently have both brewfeast trinkets and the Black heart from h ToC. The issue is that Idk if the Black Hearth proc is better or not than the almost 50stam I gain from brewfeast trinket. (currently Im finding troublesome to obtain other trinkets like the 25ToC or 25Uld)
    I love the stam bonus from the brewfeast trinket but still not very sure if is worth it and Im more than willing of keep using the Black hearth if is actually better. So... witch is better? lol

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    you're gonna get a ton of different responses. IMO using one "stamina" trinket and one avoidance trinket is ideal. I like the brewfest trinket better cause its more stamina. The two top trinkets to use in combination imo are satrina's scarab (192 stam) and the glyph of imdomnability.

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    I love Armor, but armor is EHP, which is something you can rely on when everything else fails, and since The Black Heart's proc is that, a proc... you can't rely on it when everything else fails... the 7k from the black heart would be about 4.50% reduced physical damage...
    I would use the brewfest

    And talking about the glyph of indomability; right now with the armor i have, i get 1.47% reduced physical damage from the armor given by the glyph of indomability...

    If i take that off the higher damage i've seen (which is 34k from an impale in 25man TotGC) then 1.47% is equals to 499 reduced damage from the bigger thing i've seen...

    The heart of iron traduces into about 1860hp AS A PALADIN...

    But if we take into account that you reduce 1.47% off every physical source...

    Well the rest is yours....
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    Which trinkets I use depends entirely on the fight. For Beasts I gear for +armour using Satrina's and Glyph along with neck and rings. Puts me at 32k armour.

    For Jaraxxus I stack HP with Satrina's and Heart of Iron.

    I spend most of my time in my +armour gear though. Using Onyxia's ring you can have high physical and magic mitigation.

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