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Thread: Prot Paladin, Is my gear sufficient for 10/25 man toc/ony.

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    Prot Paladin, Is my gear sufficient for 10/25 man toc/ony.

    I recently started playing again after taking a few months off, not sure of the benchmarks required for tanking the newer content, also any suggestions on upgrades to get soon and gems or enchants, would be much appreciated. Currently doing a few 5 man toc runs a day for the http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47216, and generating around 15 triumph badges a week.


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    Just get more health. 28k is in reality fine, but people are huge douches, so if you don't have like 30k+ people might not want your tanking skills.

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    Your spec is pretty bad. Divinity is mostly overheals (in other words: useless), you only need 1 point in Spiritual Attunement to keep your mana full, Seals of the Pure is inferior to Crusade in ToC, and you're missing a key mitigation talent in Vindication. You also should probably have the Seal of Vengeance glyph instead of either taunt or judgement - 10 expertise is a huge amount of threat.

    As far as gear goes, you could probably handle offtanking 10 ony (you have enough shield block to handle the whelps IMO), but you would likely get mauled in ToC 10. Not that ToC 10 is hard, however you should be in mostly Emblem of Conquest gear to tank it (if farming heroics is not your thing, go run Ulduar for emblems and gear).

    You should also farm reg ToC for the trinket (replace Repelling Charge since you're way over 540), which will give you a lot of HP, which will enable you to get into groups easier (99% of raid leaders only care about a tank's HP) and of course farm H ToC every day if possible, there are quite a few upgrades in there for you.

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    According to wow-heroes Toc10 and Ony 25 would bend you over and shove a pineapple up yer pooper. That being said...please, please, please tell me you logged off using this hammer in prot spec as a joke? I see your off-spec is holy so I am really praying that you are toying with my mind with that.... Your defense is also showing 535 (currently) which is the cap for heroics, but you are still crittable in raids, and don't have the HP to withstand a whole heck of alot. Annnd your sonic booster trinket...hmmm I say!
    Noob Prot Pally - Armory

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