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Thread: Where am i up to?

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    Where am i up to?

    Hello all, First let me say i only specced prot 3 days ago, Long time user of Tankspot.com thou (<3 your video's)

    Im a holy paladin raider, who has been slowly trying to gain a Tank set, went prot 3 days ago and ive tanked a most Heroics, Mt and OT Voa's, Ot totc10, and OT 10ony. I just wanted to know if you ahve any adivce for me?

    I was prot back in BC on a paladin. So i know the general tanking mechanics, And ive also done quie a bit of research into tanking changes since then.

    Any advice or help would be great

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Guild clearing is pretty bad i think,We just dont have the dedicated raiders to do serious 25mans, we only raid 3 nights 3 hours a night to thou.

    P.S It might just be my lower gear but i have harder time pulling threat off another tank then keeping it off him

    EDIT : My next gear upgrade are going to be the 245 tanking bracers from BS, as soon as i get some more funds together after re gemming

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    Changing one of you glyphs (NOT the SoV one) to the RD one may help with your taunts missing. (I'd replace a judgement glyph before DP).

    Your spec is a bit off...going SotP rather than 2/2 in Vindication and into Crusade. 2/2 in Improved Judgements is a waste of a talent point since it pulls Judgement out of you 969 rotation. As others have said elsewhere, Vindication is a huge threat talent, and Crusade helps w/ extra damage and therefore some threat gen too.

    You logged out in holy gear, so I can't really comment on your gear.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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