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Thread: Prot Warrior Gear Choice.

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    Prot Warrior Gear Choice.

    I recently got a trophy from TOC 25 man and i am debating if i should get the T9.5 Helm.

    1.Is the 4 peice Bonus worth it (30 Sec Sheild Block CD does seem nice to have) or should i just pursue a perhaps better helm? Thanks.

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    Simple and plain answer "NO", but if you link your armory and what content you normally do, maybe we can go in detail.

    75 triumph helm >>> t9 ilvl 245 helm

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    I assume you mean 9.25 helm, not 9.5.

    The 4 piece is really not great, not for our current content. Personally, I use 9.5 headpiece and 9.25 shoulders, and the rest is ToC drops.
    Shield Block doesn't help against a majority of your incoming damage in ToC/ToGC.
    More than anything, it's a threat mechanic if you're a fan of strong shield slams, more often.

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    Without seeing your armory, I'd say gloves then shoulders for the 2 piece.

    The non-tier helm is much better imho, I would certainly not get the 9.5 till I had all the other tier & non-tier pieces, if at all.

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