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Thread: Losing Threat alert?

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    Losing Threat alert?

    So I'm at end game content now, been 80 for a couple weeks. I feel I know how to tank decent enough, and with Omen keeping track of threat is nice, I can see if I'm on top of threat and whos closest etc

    But sometimes a DPS in my party, usually something ranged like a lock or a mage will nab aggro with their insane DPS in a very fast time period, i.e. within a few seconds, and I'm still working on my reaction time to re-aggro the mobs.

    Anyway, is there a mod or addon that will kinda flash up in my screen something like Losing Aggro! or Losing Aggro To: or Lost Aggro?

    I know the game has some of this in it by default but I havent found options to really tweak that, and Omen's warning system is only for getting initial aggro/getting aggro not losing it or having lost it.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

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    Start using name plates and Install Tidy plates and plugin for Tidy plates called ThreatPlates

    Tidy Plates : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods
    Tidy Plates: ThreatPlates : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

    Press v to show Enemy name plates, good luck.

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    I use MSBT for combat text, and it'll show in orange text "Target Changed!" anytime a mob switches aggro. That might be helpful.

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