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Thread: Pally pvp help

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    Pally pvp help

    Alright so here is the deal, I am a straight prot pally, all I have ever done is tank, and that is what I like to do. Though I also enjoy pvp and I am starting to get my pvp gear set together, now the question I have is simple. I really dont want to spec over to ret, so I am looking for some help with a pvp spec for a pally. I know a prot pally isnt bad for bgs, but in the end I would like to be able to hit arena, and I know prot pallys are down right useless in there. So I am looking for maybe some help with a hybid holy/prot build, or something. If I have to go ret for arena then I will think about it, but I am just not to happy with the idea of going ret. SO any thoughts and idea's would be nice.

    Thank you ahead of time.

    Whozero of Azuremyst!

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    I have just started pvping on my pally tank. I just started and going well i am hard to kill in my pve gear i am slowly replacing gear with pvp gear but i am stuck with holy or damage gear where as most of the damage we do is holy damage. give it a try as prot in pve gear and bang your normal rotation and see what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by whogz View Post
    I know prot pallys are down right useless in there
    Au contraire!
    The spec 0/53/18 is very powerful and was played on a tournament just recently at IEM by (don't quote me on this) SK Korea in a Arms Warrior/Prot Pala/Resto Druid (or Priest) comp. Granted they didn't win but 4th place and 2000$ isn't bad.

    You have decent damage, defensive dispel, AWESOME defense (wearing a shield and with Argent Defender you have to be killed basically twice).
    You lack CC but you'd most likely play in a cleave comp.

    They're doing pretty good.

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    I mess about in Prot spec with full ret PvP gear - it seems to have the best balance of offense and defence compared to PvE prot and ret. I did keep the T9 prot legs, gemmed and enchanted for tanking, as block value means they are also quite a balanced piece. Other PvE armour did not seem worth it when I did the math. My defence is now ridiculously low, so Ardent Defender probably does not do much, but I value the resilience more - as warlocks and mages tend to be my bane.

    Collecting the gear was surprisingly easy - Wintergrasp gives good honour for offset pieces (and gives shoulders for marks). I also used the spirit stones/shards or whatever they are called to exchange for honour (ditto the marks). Doing the daily towers PvP quest in Terrokar is a nice regular source of honour (and 13g) too. The furious stuff I bought with emblems from tanking.

    For the weapon, a slow one hander is recommended - I use Nighttime (I don't raid or arena) with berserking. I use the strength libram and Darkmoon Greatness card. My other trinket is the corroded skeleton key for stamina and the on-use function. I should use the glyph of avenger shield and respec PvP, but as I am just messing about, I have not bothered.

    In Wintergrasp, I find I am ok one-on-one but far from a killing machine. When I kill someone it tends to be a surprise to me and them - I guess a burst or SoV dot just drops them. Paralysis from lag means I tend to avoid the mass melees around the keep (and probaly lose a stack of honour by doing so) - instead, I potter around the towers. I am probably less useful in other BGs where small group team play is more important than individual survivability. When the new system of random battlegrounds comes in, I will probably join that at least once a day. Consequently, I am thinking of collecting a healing offset and offspec for it, as it seems lack of a healer is a key weakness in many BGs.

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    Speaking as one who has only really used a warrior in Arena (and a little DK), Holy Paladins are among the most terrifying things to see on an enemy team. They can shield themselves and their allies, heal a LOT of damage quickly, with high mana regen, have a lot of armor (and resilience if geared for PvP), can stun, Hand of Freedom, attack with Holy Shock, Judgments, Consecrate (not a lot of damage, but can be useful for flushing out stealthed enemies), etc.

    That being said, you would need to practice some at Holy, but the paladin I've been leveling forever is finally nearing 80, and I plan on making him Holy all the way.

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