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Thread: Disc Priest / Blood DK arena setup

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    Disc Priest / Blood DK arena setup

    Hi everyone, i'm new member at tankspot forums although i've been reading a lot like a guest from some time. I'm not a native english user so if i'm somehow mistaken grammaticaly it's not intentionally.

    I would like some advice for arena play if some of you could spare some knowledge i would be really gratefull. I'm currently playing a disc priest and my partner ( 2on2 ) a blood speced death knight

    Here's my spec http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bEcbh...fRt0E0c:mbdzVm

    Is there any improvement that could be done to the spec or any suggestions about it? i've been trying to adquire penance glyph although still i haven't suicceeded at it

    I've got 1.000+ resilense ( mainly deadly gear but some hatefull also. Furious - currently the most up to date pvp set - is not an opcion due to lacking arena rating ), should i aim for stacking more resilense? or aim for spell power or stamina? ( 23k hp, 1.8k spell power, 5.5k armor buffed )

    By professions i've got Jewelcrafting 450 (got the dragon eye's jewels and currently in the proces of obtaining the other recipies ) and Engeneering 450 ( turbo boots and hand rockets currently )

    Any help or comments would be greatly aoppreciated, thanks =)

    pd.- for arena play, is disc a better opcion than a holy priest? gameplay varies through diferent specs i've read in many posts but really never tried out holy spec, i've been like 'always' disc priest ( support ) and shadow through dual spec. Is holy spec more a raid option? thanks in advance =)

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    First of all, sorry for wall of text, I sorta got going and never stopped XD
    Regarding the Spec, I would make a few changes
    In arena, your going to want Healing Focus, Desperate Prayer also helps a ton, can be a great oshit button. Focused Power is also a Flat 4% increase to healing, as well as taking 1 second off the mass dispel cast time, which can make a large large difference in arena's that could be the difference of a pally getting a heal through his bubble, and him dying. I would also look into Silent Resolve, it can be helpful because if your against anyone with a purge effect, your sheilds are going byebye for sure. Regarding dropping talents, im not too sure where to drop, that would be up to you, would help if I could see your armory. But some things to help you with on that, Reflective shield is great, but probably not as great as you would think, as it only reflects damage off of you, not your partner. If mana is a complete 100% non issue, you could consider dropping Rapture, But that would be up to you. Also going only 1/2 in Grace is acceptable, seeing as there will only be two of you, so casting a heal or two every 15 seconds shouldn't be that big of an issue. Don't take my advice as OMG I have to change this, just some things to look into.
    If your doing two's i would very much recommend a Pain Suppression Glyph over your prayer of healing glyph, as prayer is not a viable heal for only two people, you would be much much better off casting binding heal, It will get both of you with half the cast time and mana cost, and this glyph allows you to pain suppression while CC'd which is AWESOME when trinket is on CD. And I would also get a penance in there, 2 seconds is a actually a lot
    Now I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can get furious from the triumph vendor now, so go do some heroic spam, and you could get some easy upgrades. I would advise going Runspeed / stam on your boots instead of the nitro boosts, the run speed helps a ton, and you can't use the nitro's in arena. Also, 1000 resil a decent amount, when you get some upgrades, you may want to consider dropping some PVP offpeices for PVE pieces if you can. I.E. Bauble of true blood (BQL 25m)
    And i've never seen or heard of a holy preist in arena' I don't think it would be that effective until you got to 5's. Though it could just be me never hearing of this.
    I would advise checking out the website arena junkies, and watching some streams / videos to help see what you should be doing, it actually helps quite a bit

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    Furious - currently the most up to date pvp set - is not an opcion due to lacking arena rating
    the current set is wrathful, and the offset pieces require 0 arena rating to buy except for the belt and boots (1300 and 1400 rating for those).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruyen View Post
    the current set is wrathful, and the offset pieces require 0 arena rating to buy except for the belt and boots (1300 and 1400 rating for those).

    First of all thanks for the feedback, i'm working on it. Destruyen hi, i currently do know that, thats why i alsoprovided the actual setting in whitch i'm playing arenas daily. thats what ive got availiable thats why i presented that way the question, simply cant be changed

    Thanks in advaice for any comments or suggestion =)

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