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Thread: Complete Noob Tank--DK

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    Complete Noob Tank--DK

    A shortage of tanks on our server and guild has tempted me to try tanking with my DK. Problem is, I haven't done much with him since I dinged 80 on him, so I have no idea about builds, starter gear, rotations, etc. I have a lot of experience healing raids and instances on my priest and shaman, but none tanking. Does anybody have some advice on getting started or can someone point me to a guide for noob tanks? Thanks.

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    if your new to tanking and dont have that good gear at the moment go for frost spec, its a good all round build, raids and instances. Get your defence up to 535 for instances and then 540 when you start to raid.

    Try out this build: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft Its a decent build just to get you started till you find what suits you best.

    have a look at Skeleton Jack a good website for all your tanking needs.

    when you have better gear and do alot of raids, change to blood spec, has better survival and threat agenst single targets, blood is more gear dependant so if you find yourself still die in alot when in blood, change back to frost till you get better gear, you can have alook at my spec for blood, its prob not the best out there but its the best for me.

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    Click the guide tab at the top of the page for all sorts of guides that can help you.
    Here's the link to the tab:

    here are some in particular that might help:


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