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Thread: A Guild Project; Help required.

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    A Guild Project; Help required.


    First time poster, so dont bite my head off if you dont condole or agree with what Im about to say.

    For some while now I've been unhappy with the last few guilds I've been involved in and the server Im on. I always seem to end up becoming the MT and the RL I dont mind, but the higher standing e.g. GM etc usually cant run a guild to save there life so I want to finally step away from this and be happy in a guild envroment.

    I've been at the top of the progression list whilst raiding having spent lengthy time in 3 Top 50 world guilds (Im not bragging) and have spent time in guilds that have most likely been at the bottom of ranking..well as lowe as raiding guilds can get, so I can safely say I've got experiance and knowledge of Hardcore and Casual, Good and Bad.

    I was the GM of a guild back in Vanilla and we killed KT before TBC dropped a feat Im actually proud off but due officers not liking what they had seen in Beta, people wanting to reroll and other random elements the guild disbanded not long before it.

    Main tanking, Raid leading and being the Guild master of a guild is something I belive comes pretty naterul to me. Im leval headed when it comes to making decisions I dont have favourtism when making decisions and everything I do is to help the guild.

    Current situation
    Just finished a stint in a top 10 Alliance guild (not going to name and shame) but really didnt like what they had planned for ICC the raiding times they have planned are a disgrace Im all up for a few hours more raiding but 9am raids is a no no for me.

    I left and now Im guildless looking to start something fresh and good before ICC.

    What Im looking for?
    Well I've been thinking about doing something like this since the release of the expansion but always seemed to get dragged into another guild but atlast Im free to do this.
    I wanted to basiclly make a Pre-made guild ready for ICC, now with Faction change and the lowe CD on xfers, I dont think it'd be too hard to get about 30people to fill the ranks. I know its not going to be the easiest thing but with good advertising I belive it's possible.

    I was just wondering if any of you have any input on a post I could make on the WoW forum regarding this, how should I go about it to make it look solid and get the desired raiders Im looking for? I know I could get a guild of 25 up fast if I went mass recruiting on my current server but I want a steady group ready for ICC that know how to play. Im doing this now because I'd want to guild to obviously raid with eachother for a couple of resets simply because we'd need to gel.

    Why I've just wrote this wall of text and wasted 15minutes of your life?
    Because I need you to give me some Ideas on what my opening post could be, what type of things I should be looking into e.g. Regards to where we would go what faction we would be and just really how I should go about it. This might looked farfetched but I belive it could work.

    The only selling point I have to offer people at the moment is theres 4 people willing to join all full 245/258 gear along with myself 258 geared main tank.

    If this is in the wrong place Im sorry, please move it to the right location.

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    1) There is a sticky at the top with a link to the Chamber of Guilds, start there, read everything. There are guides on writing a guild mission statement (which you nearly have already with what you put in this post), setting up forums, etc.
    2) Use spell check.
    3) Good Luck! Right now is a really good time to start the long slow process of gathering good players. The closer the next x-pac come the more people who are currently doing other things will be trickling back to WoW and looking for a guild whose mindset is the same as yours. It won't happen overnight, it won't even happen in a month or two, but if you continue as well thought out as you appear, you will succeed.
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    Timing-wise, I'd actually think that the start of the next expansion might be a better time for something like this. I'd imagine most folks are somewhat settled in with their current guilds and are just kind of waiting for ICC to be released.

    You'd probably also have better luck just finding a guild that matches your general schedule and raid-style preferences and transferring there, rather than getting 30 good people to transfer and leave a potentially good (or perhaps just bearable) situation they are currently in.

    Just an opinion, though, who knows if it's right?

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