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Thread: Gunship Battle Pre-Release Guide Now Available!

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    Gunship Battle Pre-Release Guide Now Available!

    Greetings and salutations! I'd like to formally introduce myself. My name is Spiritus and I play a healing priest on the Bloodscalp-US server. You may have read and responded to my pre-release strategies for Trial of the Crusader. I'd like to give special thanks to all those who have posted on my threads in the past who have provided valuable first-hand experience from the PTRs, which has allowed me to better tailor the guides. Keep 'em coming!

    Without further ado: Gunship Battle Encounter

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    Just a note that has little to do with the encounter itself:

    After finishing the encounter 3 of my guildmates used their rocketpacks jumping back and forth from the ships, this was fun but not neccessarily brilliant on their part. They were left on the enemy ship and were unable to: See the loot, Get Emblems, Kill Credit, or have items looted to them. Tickets are in but this is a worthwhile note to make. We did lock summon two of the three since one decided to "jump ship" haha.

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