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Thread: Help with Some Protection Macros

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    Help with Some Protection Macros

    I am obviously not very good at macros, otherwise I wouldn't be looking for help. I tried to create a macro that is basically my "Oh Crap" Macro.

    I want to have Last Stand, Shield Wall, Runic Health Potion, Enraged Regeneration all tied to one button.

    I'd also be interested if anyone has any good tanking macros (cast devestate then shield slam then revenge) or any good AOE (hit a button, it targets another enemy, devestates on them, then goes back to the original target) etc.

    I tried the macros in the main post in the warrior macro guide, but they don't seem to work.

    Thank you.

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    Most of the cast sequence macros (such as devastate, shield slam, then revenge macro you were looking for) don't work any longer. Blizzard change the way those macros worked awhile back so people couldn't play there character with only 1 to 2 buttons.

    As for the first macro:
    /cast Last Stand
    /cast Shield Wall
    /use Runic Healing Potion
    /cast Enraged Regeneration
    If any of the first three are on cooldown, it may prevent Enraged Regeneration from being cast. I've never tried it because I'm a firm believer that "Oh Crap" macros are a bad idea.

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    "Oh Crap!" buttons I tried them out but I learned that a lot of cooldowns are situational. As in togc 25 man if i have some extra stacks of impales on me and going to tank my worm I would pop last stand because of the extra health it would give me. I have no clue maybe I am just a weird tank like that.

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