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Thread: Can some make this Addon?

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    Can some make this Addon?

    Can some make this UI that auto needs on an item.
    Has a list of multiple items per raid or dungeon (greens-Epics) ~ If Loot master feature is enables Need feature turns into First roll. Can only add 1 item to list you need. 1 day wait between item changes once confirmed on the item you need in the options menu.

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    The type of restrictions you specify (limiting the number of changes) could not be enforced client-side. It would be trivial for someone to edit the state file indicating when the last change was made.

    What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Reduce loot time by having people do their loot research ahead of time rather than waffling when the item is up for offer? If so, that's really a social, not a technical problem.
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