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Thread: Vuhdo and viewport addon problem with mouse wheel keybindings.

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    Vuhdo and viewport addon problem with mouse wheel keybindings.

    Hello, I'm a resto shaman and I use vuhdo.
    I've recently installed a viewport addon (skinner), and when I try to use my mousewheel keybindings they dont work. I've read somewhere they're not compatible for some weird reason, is there any other viewport addon that could work with with my mousewheel keybindings?
    I tried sunnart but i had the same problem. Has anyone been able to make the mousewheel keybindings work with vuhdo with any kind of viewport?

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    IUse kgpanels. Works very well with Vuhdo.

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    What will never work...
    You can't adjust your camera zoom by scrolling your mouse outside of the WorldFrame. This is because that action is the mouseover scrolling action of the WorldFrame itself. So if you leave the WorldFrame area of the screen (the section viewported off) you can not adjust your camera zoom using the mouse wheel. Last I checked this limitation did not effect the mouse wheel working completely off of the WorldFrame (last I checked for example I could do Bartender action bar paging with mouse scroll when that bar was off of the WorldFrame).

    Items on the UIParent layer of the game interface should function regardless of where they appear on the screen. Raid frames and action bars for example can and will accept mouse inputs even if they are in the viewported region of the screen. If they do not, then that is an issue with that particular addon because the core foundation objects of Frames and Buttons do accept mouse input outside of the WorldFrame.
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