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Thread: Tank checkup! A.k.a. i miss something but can't rly handle it...

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    Tank checkup! A.k.a. i miss something but can't rly handle it...

    Hi folks!
    I'm just a new member around here, even if i luked the forum from few moths.
    Ok, let's talk about this threath: i miss something about my warrior
    ATM i have no trouble at all to tank any boss, and i mean sarth10zerg, naxx25, ulda10 and 25, toc 10 and 25.(maby some problem inside Hodir arena, but cleave and TAB are good friends!).

    Now, me and my guild (we are a bunc of dannam lazy ppl <_< ) would to start some hard mode(we are just cleared 2/5 toc10 hard mode) and i just start to get seriously about my gear.
    I use rawr, but some time i feel like something dosen't work.
    So where is the question?

    I will not ask "i'm rdy for toc10/25 heroic?" (o well if you wanna reply that, i will appreciate a lot btw)
    I will ask, if my choose of gear whidout HIT and block, can compromize my TOC heroic.
    I have to admit, i know anub10 require block (or atleast 10 man heroic).

    And i need, in second stance, a claryfication whit moongose and blade ward.

    As you can see i tried to gain 1.8:1 dodgearry rating but whit moongose's proc all gone messy.

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    that's my armory.
    Thx a lot for you'r (future) reply

    P.s. sry for bad english.
    Coz the race dosen't matter...For anyting else use MasterCard!

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    When thinking about block for anub heroic, you should be working on that in a seperate set of gear to your "main" tanking gear. You don't need to be hit capped either (which can be hard with 25 toc gear), but you can always eat the hit food to keep it at a decent level and there's always the ToGC10 belt and boots which are still decent hit items at 25 man level. If you have problem with missed taunts on gormok then you can switch in the taunt glyph for that fight, but with vigilance on the tank who is being hit by gormok you can often taunt again a few seconds later.

    As for mongoose and bladeward, i've read on here that mongoose is better for threat than bladeward but i personalyl use blood draining as threat/avoidance are never really a problem for me (and it's good for the fights in ToGC). Also, I wouldn't worry about the mongoose proc getting you away from 1.8 dodge : 1 parry as it's not always up and the ratio is mostly a guideline anyway, rather than an exact science. There's little lost if you have, say, 1.85x more dodge than parry.

    I hope that answers some of your questions.
    Xíanth <Valkyria>

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    If you did tgc10 hardmode 2/5, it means you got past the biggest hurdle, which is Gormok the Tankkiller. I wouldnt say Anub10 hard requires block. Ofc it's nice but i wouldnt say "necessary". I usually sport 15%ish block and i just tanked anub10 hard adds. Suffice it to say the lack of misdirects on add spawns was WAY more problematic than me having low block.

    Personally i love hitrating. I'm totally against the idea of taunt glyphing so you dont miss your taunts, so i usually make sure i have enough hitrating on my gear (i found 8% spell hit - beware SPELL hit, which turns out to be more % than melee hit with the same rating - pretty much guaranteed that my taunts land) But even with low hitrating, by careful time management, you can still survive a critical encounter like Gormok.

    TLR. Hit & block are nice to have but nothing beats EH (stam & armor)

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