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Thread: Gear Type and Rolling

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    I play a holy paladin.
    I think he should have passed on those items.

    You know, its not that hard to equip a holypaladin. There is a breastplate, legs, waist ,wrist and feet dropping in toc. All plate. A normal raid has one or two holypallies. So its just a matter of time until you get those things.
    No other class can wear those items so I personally dont roll on mail or leather or even cloth if some other healer needs it.

    It's hard enough to decide who gets those weapons, trinket, rings, cloaks and maybe shields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azuae View Post
    i'm looking at the BIS lists for Arms & Fury over on EJ - there are 5+ mail items in those lists, and at least 1 leather item.
    It's unfortunate that the game mechanics are such that some BIS items are not of the "correct" armor type for a class. And it's part of the reason I avoid looking at BIS lists; I have a clear idea of what kind of stats I should be looking for, but don't pour over BIS lists per se. I'm not really interested in feeling disappointed cause a rogue "took" my BIS gear for my arms warrior, or whatever.

    Even in situations where, for example, a leather item is BIS for a warrior... I'd argue that it is more so BIS for a rogue or feral druid. If it's an upgrade for one of them, they should be preferred; the item was not crafted with warriors in mind, and there's plenty of plate for the warriors, even if not BIS. If nobody else can use it, and the warrior is like "omg omg that's BIS!!!!" then sure, they can have at it.

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