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Thread: Infraction for Durandro: Post Violation

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    Infraction for Durandro: Post Violation

    Post: Warrior In response to Ghostcrawler on tank balance/prot warriors.
    User: Durandro
    Infraction: Post Violation
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    Administrative Note:
    "Blizzard hates PvE"

    Message to User:
    These sorts of posts are not constructive or helpful in the slightest. Furthermore, Kazey had already given a warning to knock it off. Consider this strike two.

    Original Post:
    I'd be tempted to say that Blizzard doesn't hate Warriors. Or tanks.

    I'm much more tempted to say they hate PvE.

    Think about it. Currently Prot is probably the most viable PvP spec right now. If they buffed Prot, PvP needs to be retuned. Every single time we have a balance issue in PvE, we're told that it's because of PvP.

    They need to stop with that and do what they should have done years ago. Seperate PvP and PvE mechnics. Then maybe we'd finally get some proper balance rather then band aids.

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    You took my post out of context. I didn't say they did, I said 'I'd be tempted to say'. And then I gave my reasoning.

    But fine. Doesn't really matter.

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