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Thread: I am main spec prot got that down workin on arms dps

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    I am main spec prot got that down workin on arms dps

    I have got my tanking pretty much down now I am working on my off spec (Arms) why im choosing arms is because there is a fury warrior in the guild and arms is good for bleed dmg i have heard and I would like to know what are the stats i should cap and aim for and what stats should I stack Glyfs ect i think i have the rotation down i think rend (referesh), overpower ,EX, Ms ...slam ,if this question is to brod a link to a disscution info page or w.e would be sweet thanks also any tips regarding arms would be awsome aswell

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    i usually stick the slam or MS in before overpower as waiting for rend to tick so your overpower comes up usually allows you to get another swing in.

    make sure you get ur expertise an hit cap or as near as possible as it seems to affect arms greatly.

    using your sweepin strikes and choosing your timing for bladestorms an executes (in my case tryin to link it in with a 1000AP trink proccing)

    Overpower also reduces the next GCD and i ve seen my biggest DPS increase simply from gettin my rotation as sweet as possible and remembering that arms rotation is more of a priority than a fixed rotation so be prepared to be a little flexible

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    I'll just copy and paste a part of another post I made here earlier.

    On the rotation, here's what I 'generally' do (and I get an average of 4.5-5k DPS with 25 man raid buffs and the only piece I have above 226 is the bloodshed ring)...

    1: Open up with bloodrage
    2: Charge in
    3: Rend
    4: Mortal Strike (unless execute procs, otherwise execute then mortal strike)
    5: Spam Slam until Tfb procs
    6: Overpower
    7: Mortal strike (unless execute procs, otherwise execute then mortal strike)

    1st point: Basically always have rend up, and never refresh it until it completely drops off, and if your Tfb and OP rotation is timed "perfectly" the last rend tick should apply after Tfb procs the 4th time on your rend uptime. Which you then do OP then reapply rend. Always be prepared for variables so watch your rend debuff. Honestly I don't see much of a DPS difference between doing rend then OP after reapplying. Just wanted to put that in there if you were wondering.

    2nd point: If execute procs when mortal strike is not on CD I always use execute first, then mortal strike.

    3rd point: Spam slam until one of your abilities is off CD. I also use slam if I don't have enough rage for mortal strike. It keeps constant damage up.

    4th point: Don't worry about not having improved execute, your overall DPS will gain substantially more with constant hits since execute is basically a 9% chance to proc until boss is < 20%. So spec into weapon mastery.

    5th point: Gemming for ArP at your gear level is actually smart, good going. Practice on the heroic training dummy (remember to move behind it too after you charge him).

    Bladestorm: For single-target use I only use it RIGHT after an overpower, and if mortal strike is on CD and execute doesn't proc. Again I put emphasis on RIGHT AFTER an OP and ONLY if mortal strike is on CD and if execute is not procced. Timed right, it's a great DPS move and you'll also have a lot of rage after it's done.

    As far as gear goes, valorous leggings and valorous gloves are a great way to start off an arms spec (obtained through badges, OS 25 or Naxx 25). Get the edge of ruin out of H ToC, and make sure to spec into axes. Build your starting gear out of that (unless you have better).

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