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Thread: Heading in a new direction.

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    Heading in a new direction.

    Hey Tankspot, first of all id just like to thank you for taking the time to look over my post. Im sort of in a rut at the moment, and maybe you can help me out

    For 2 years now ive been a Blood Elf Paladin. As of recently i deleted everything and took a break from WoW. Learning that i still do love the game i want to get back into it again in a more casual sense. I sort of blew off everything in wow besides getting 80 and getting geared. Hurt me in the long run because now im bored.

    As i stated above ive deleted all characters on all realms including an 80 Blood Elf Paladin, 60 Tauren Druid, 40 Mage, and 15 Shaman. Not much but those were my toons. My main focus was my paladin, I think if armory still has it up you can search for her, Settle - Korgath - Horde. She was my pride and joy in wow, but after 2 long weeks of thinking about it, she lost her touch for me (lol?) Without giving more of a boring story ill get to the point. I'm looking to completely start over in world of warcraft. I want the challenge back, i want a brand new character to play. And laugh at me if you want, but im going Alliance. Yeap, after 2 1/2 years of playing nothing but Horde its time for a complete new change of pace.

    This is where you guys come in. Im looking to get into a new Tanking Class. On my paladin you shouldve saw a Protection spec, i loved tanking, everything about it just makes me happy. But i do not want to play another Paladin. Im looking to get into either a Warrior or a Druid (not rolling DK, tried it til 70, hated it.)

    So, HALP! forum, Pros / Cons, personal exp, do you play a druid? do you play a warrior? both? which one!

    Also just throwing this out there im currently looking for a good PVE progression realm for Alliance.

    looking forward to some help,

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    I've played a druid before and they were fun, but I really groove on my warrior. Its a very versatile tanking class and WotLK improved the quality of life for the average warrior tank by a significant amount.

    The downside is that we need to work alot harder than some of the other classes to be competitive but its fun.

    We're very mobile for tanks, we can be ferociously hard to kill in pvp (throw your heroic anub block set on during a BG for some fun) and things like rage generation and aoe tanking, while not perfect, are markedly improved.

    Lightbringer, Cenarius and Turalyon are the top pve progression realms I believe.

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    If I understand your post correctly:

    You want to roll a new toon. You want to stay tank. You don't want another paladin.

    This leaves warrior, DK or druid.

    DK is quite attractive if you don't want to slog through the first 55 levels.

    Warrior is quite a bit more active than paladin tanking (IMO, its one extreme to the other; paladin is passive, warrior is quite active). But at the end of the day, its another shield toting plate tank, and there isn't that much of a difference between plate melee.

    This leaves a druid. I personally prefer druids not only because they can tank, but druid healing is much more enjoyable than holy paladins to me, and for DPS you can go kitty (rogue) or go ranged dps. Without having to re-roll you have 4 possible distinct roles, including tanking. And, if you are fast enough, you can get in on the huge HP pool fun of being a bear.

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    A little background on me, my first toon was a alliance hunter, now a horde warrior, i LOVE my warrior more than anything, Know alot about warriors and keep learning more. I have an 80 druid also.

    Druids are nice, they can fill all roles and fill them well. They are nice in PvP and PvE, they can get high on the meters and tank very well, good for taking big hits. I like druids, I dont really like feral that much, DPS or tanking, I love balance and resto is ok.

    Warriors on man i love warriors, Love the tanking rotation, You have ALOT of mobility, with charge/intercept/intervene it's like WOW. You are Pretty strong in PvP, cept wizard cleave, If you learn a warrior people will know and tell you, you are good. Next patch they are giving victory rush to level 6 warrios and buffing glyph, we already wreak now it will be even more burst.

    So all in all, if you want to mabye caster DPS/Heal then go druid, if you just want to tank and mabye DPS i would go warrior they are really fun.

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    Todays World of Warcraft with dual specs I think your decision will ultimately come down to what might you like to do when you're not tanking. A 25 man raid will typically bring 3 tanks, but not all fights require that many. So there may be instances where you take a break while the other 2 do their work.

    Generally speaking this second spec will be a dps spec, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. In the case of druid and paladin it can be healing, though normally a caster dps hybrid would be called on for extra healing rather than a tank hybrid because of gear similarity.

    Warrior you have effectively two options: tank or melee dps. Granted there are two options for melee dps. With a druid you have four options: tank (Bear), melee dps(Cat), caster dps, or healer.

    Reasons to take a warrior:

    1. Your tank gear is different than your dps gear. Druids wear very similar leather gear in tanking spec as they would in dps spec, however as a result of this they can only gem and enchant it one way unless they have two sets of basically identical gear. For a warrior however it tends to be a little more black and white, the item has a defensive stat (defense, block, parry, or dodge) then that item goes in the tanking set. If it doesn't it goes in the dps set. I realize this is an over simplification.

    2. Any item that has tanking stats on it, you can use. A druid on the other hand has no interest in a cape that has block rating or a ring with parry rating.

    3. You don't need to innervate a healer who burned all their mana or battle res someone. You just keep beating on that boss.

    Reasons to take a druid:

    1. If you ever get tired of tanking, you do have other options. Catching up on gear for them might take a bit. If you love tanking now and in next expansion you decide you love being a ranged dps, you can do that. Being a druid gives you more choices.

    When it is all said and done, it comes down to what you enjoy playing more. You can't pick anything because it is the best because the best today won't be the best tomorrow.

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