So I'm not terribly upset over my dps, however i still feel it could be a bit better given my gear. As it stands, our guild has all normal content on farm, and our 10 togc group has officially gotten our tribute to skill, so hopefully I'll be picking up a few bits out of there to cover slots I'm lacking in. My spec is mostly prefrence as far as the fillers, along with raid utility i was asked to pick up (vindication), other then that run a fairly standard ret build. Mostly just seeing advice on how to milk more dps out if I can, or to find out that I'm doing about what I should for my gear.

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Rotation: first come first serve. Prioritizing crusader strike, hammer of wrath, judgement, divine storm, conc, exorcism.

Notes: As I write this armor hasn't updated the gemming in my shoulders to a bold dragon's eye. I'm not on the best computer in the world, avg about 15-20 fps in 25 man encounters, which may be why i don't seem to pull the numbers i should.