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Thread: How Could I Progress?

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    How Could I Progress?

    First off, I'd like to say Ive been playing for a little over a year now, but I've been very slow to level. That is because i am a VERY casual player. This never wa much of a problem though, I leveled at my own pace and had fun when I did play, which was (and still is) almost entirely restricted to weekends.

    When I hit 80 a few months ago, I faced a new problem, PUG's would never take some one who hasn't already been to the instance, and my casual, and slightly random, schedule wouldn't allow me to be part of any regular raid team.

    If you were to look at my Armory The World of Warcraft Armory (which shows me in dps gear even though i logged out in tank gear, so it may take a little while to update, you can check wow heroes in the mean time, I'm Hemmorrage on Arygos, with blood being my tank spec), you'll notice that I have 30k unbuffed health (32 in frost presence) and, if you were to look in my achevements, you'd notice I've never been in any Raid.

    There are several "laid back" guilds that claim to do casual raids on my server, most of which iI've been a memer of only to find that they don't even have any 80's geared enough to do any raid past naxx. I *should* be well geared enough to be in Ulduar10 by now, but instead I'm stuck with running Heroics over and over again come weekends .

    Is this what 80's going to be like for me? Or is there some other way you can think of where I can progress in a raiding environment at least a little bit with my schedule?
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    ahh pug a raid and link your achievement . They never look to see it say still in progress. got in one by linking his own achievement back to him.

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    idk much about DKs, so idk if 517 is def capped with your rune. Getting the +30 stam/15 resil shoulder enchant may help. If you're looking for a casual entry level guild I would suggest going to your server's realm forums and looking for a guild that might need your class/spec and is at the level of progression you'd like to be at. I hopped over to your server's progression thread and there is actually a VERY in depth thread for 10 man progression, you might look into those guilds and see what you can see.

    Your gear/hps are more than enough for 10 mans/naxx. Try to get in more PuGs if you can I guess, though I understand it can be rough (I had some idiot try to tell me to link my achievement for ony the day after it came out on my warlock alt... even though I had done it on my warrior the day before, I did a serious /facepalm at him since it was literally impossible for my warlock to have had the achievement. PuG people can be very... unintelligent shall we say).

    I'd also say try to make crafted gear if you can get the money. Also level mining, it gives to 60 stam at level 80 if it's max'd. You could also probably sell most of the ore from leveling to buy some crafted gear.

    Good crafted items (in order of most expensive to least):
    Breastplate of the White Knight (chest)
    Saronite Swordbreakers (wrist)
    Spiked Deathdealers (feet)
    Indestructible plate girdle (waist)

    I hope this helps!
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    Looking at your armory, i noticed a few things you may want to change.

    Weapon: you may want to consider morrowstrike over EoR as the agi does help quite a bit with overall avoidance and when gemmed for stam gives more hp, this would also give you 2 weapons so you wouldn't be switching runeforge everytime you needed to fill a different role.

    sigil: Sigil of viralence would be much better, 200 str on a 40% proc rate off your oblit/death strike/scourge strike is not only a tps increase, but also thanks to forceful deflection, a slight avoidance increase.

    helm: your t8.5 helm is far superior to your current one, and with the 2pc bonus your tps will also see a bit of an increase.

    spec: I'd highly reccomend switching to frost tank, simply because the midigation and survivability it gives is alot better then bloods at lower gear levels. it will slightly lower your overall hp (roughly 1k) but increase your avoidance by 3%, give you a HUGE boost to threat gen both single target and aoe, as well as raid utility skills that're quite nice in 10man situations where you're not garenteed to have ever class/spec combo needed. personally i used Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft as it seemed to offer the best overall "reasons why i'm better to take in your pug".

    other then those few things, you're more then geared to do raids, and if you cant find a guild doing the ones you want, pug them. not sure how it is on your server but i know on wildhammer you can find pugs for everything from naxx 10 to toc 25 running every day, if there's not one going start it yourself.

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