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Thread: [Anub 10HM] Nerubian Burrower issue

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    [Anub 10HM] Nerubian Burrower issue


    We Kill Anub10 HM several times last weeks, but we face recurring issue.
    Our strategy is to pack eveyone on the same ice patch and kill the Nerubian Burrower on it.

    The problem is that sometime only one of the Nerubian Burrower cast the shadowstrike abilities. If it is my target, there is no problem I can intterupt him. If it is not my current target then, I do not see the cast bar of the add and I suspect the Burrower is casting submerge but finally TP on a target and kill him.

    Is it normal that only 1 Burrowers cast the Shadow Strike ?

    Every time we have this issue, the player target by the shadowstrike was not on an ice patch whereas the entire raid was on it. Could it be a link ?

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    I know of no link between the burrowers shadow strike ability and whether or not a player is standing on the ice patch. However, I do know that the shadow strike ability is set on a specific timer.

    Generally, the burrower tank will want to stun both adds with a shockwave, holy wrath, or silence 1-2 seconds before they are set to cast shadow strike, so that they will be stunned/silenced when they are supposed to cast it, and therefore will not be able to cast. DBM I know shows the timer for shadow strike, and I am sure other timers would as well.

    I have had a few times where my shockwave was on cd and was unable to interrupt, and I did notice that one would cast and the other wouldn't. I don't think that the adds HAVE to cast shadow strike, but if they are going to, they will only do it when the timer says they are going to (assuming correct timers lol).

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    Sometimes if you "accidently" stun/silence an add and it overlaps the time the other add starts casting then the add won't cast when it gets out of the stun/silence. This mostly happens if there's a revenge proc on it or something.

    As a prot warrior, i usually shockwave when they begin to cast. Even if my add doesnt cast i get a raid warning (and DBM makes a trumpet noise) so i know to use shockwave anyway. For extra security our enhance shammy marks one of the adds and shocks it, with me watching the unmarked with shield bash. This method makes certain there's never a shadowstrike even if say, i spazz out and waste shockwave on the burrow attempt cast bar or something.
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    Thats why I think warrior is best for the adds. just shockwave when you see DBM warning. if not, still have shield bash + stun hammer...


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