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Thread: Resto shaman help plz

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    Resto shaman help plz

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    I have been seeing a lot of different posts from shamans saying what is the most important stat,haste,mp5,crit,int,etc.Just looking for a little advice.I have just started doing toc 25 this week mana doesn't seem to big of an issue but i find my self thinking if I just had a little more haste or sp I could of saved that dps/tank/healer.

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    In a normal raid enviroment shamans job is to spam chain around, while keeping riptide on cooldown. Mana shouldnt be issue, crit is random, so going for haste if you think your chans should land faster, or for sp if you think they should heal for more is what you should do. If you end up fight with mana (and you should in 25 man raid if you dont die) never gem for int or m5s.

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