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Thread: Need a lil help with my prot warrior

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    Need a lil help with my prot warrior

    OK my name is ketella i have tanked everything in world of warcraft pretty much i know most of my stuff but im needing a lil help with a spec fo my warrior and the best rotation hereis my armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    The rotation i use is
    Charge Thunderclap Shock wave Devistate tab thru targets use bash and revenge when up and also cleave but my threat seems lol im not takingquite a ton of damg im goood there just threat is low??? and looking to figure out what i should do or something that will help out

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    Also be sure to keep Demoralizing Shout up as well.

    My rotation is like this:
    Charge -> Shield Bash -> Demoralizing Shout -> wait for gathering -> Thunderclap -> resposition myself so that no mob is behind me -> Shockwave -> tab target to off-target (if marked) -> Revenge -> Concussion Blow -> Thunderclap

    I'm also keeping an eye on my rage so when it hits 50, I will toss in two Heroic Strikes/Cleave between tab targets. I also have my camera turned towards my team to Taunt any mob that gets pulled.

    You gotta use Thunderclap as soon as it comes off cooldown, and every time if there are three or more mobs. You'll never build up enough threat with your single-target skills. Especially if your group is dealing a metric fuckload of AOE.

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