Hey guys. So i have always been playing my paladin tank wich btw just earned the ToGC 10m Achievement. (Yay). But i decided to lvl a resto shaman as it seemed the realm of Stormreaver really needed one. So. Dinged 80. did alot of ToC 5 normal and heroic. Now. I have been trying to get into ToC 10m grps maaany times. As thats the level i wanna raid in with my shaman. But.. i get declined due to lvl of gear. on the skill side its working fine. Im always in Top 2 in our 25m raids (Naxx. OS. and EoE) and thats even with far over geared healers.. So please comment and throw in suggestions for gear spec etc.

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-Darryl-Sham-Zarman ^^