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Thread: Raiding Fury warrior wants better DPS!!!

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    Raiding Fury warrior wants better DPS!!!

    If you guys have any suggestions for the next piece of gear I should get and any advice on my rotations or stats please let me know.

    Like other fury warriors here, I feel I should be doing more DPS based on the gear that I have.

    In 10 man raids I am right at 3K DPS, here is link to a 10 man Ony fight.

    World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

    Here is link to my profile...

    The World of Warcraft Armory


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    You are way low on expertise. Honestly with your gear level you would get much better numbers out of an arms spec. Fury is very gear dependent and 3k dps in a 10 man is not good, that is barely in front of the tanks. I would recommend a respec to arms.

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    Wow, that was not the answer I was expecting but I welcome your candidness.

    I can try ARMS, I just want alot better DPS than I have now. Before I try ARMS , I was going to get the Belt of Titans and Wrynn's Legplates of Conquest both giving me more expertise, with that said you still reccommend ARMS for me?

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    Read the 2 fury guides this forum has. Make sure youre following the proper priority sequence. Adjust as needed, if needed. Then get more expertise. If you get the expertise gear you mentioned thatll put you above the soft cap and should allow you to replace the exp gems you have. Being soft capped will net you an increase in DPS.

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    Wrong forum.

    Armory Link = HALP! forum.


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    Like you were told fury is gear dependant, since you dont sport that gear, arms is better. You might not like it but its true (for now).

    - you have too much hit (almost useless after 5% with precision)
    - you lack expertise
    - you are missing bloodsurge procs (or skipping them due to rage issues)
    - cleave and heroic strike are rage killers only use when 50+rage and all rest on cooldown

    Things will be better when your gear (specially weapons) improves.

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    i get 3k dps in 10 mans an im way worse geared than you
    needless to say i am arms lol

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    Also, I would suggest running the 5 man Heroic TOC and getting 1 or 2 of the weaps Edge of Ruin - Item - World of Warcraft from there. replace the claymore with a better weapon. And expertise expertise expertise is key, get to 26, which means food buff as well, worth the loss of 80 AP from other foods.

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    I knew this was going to be an issue before I looked at the log, but I looked anyways.

    Number of slam procs: 19. Number of Slam hits: 5... total. That is a large chunk of missing dps.

    As for gear, etc.... Get the epic gems, and lose the AP if you have to. Expertise of 14 is not going to cut it. Use your Champions seals (from the Argent Tournament/H ToC5) to buy the Claymore of the Lost Prophet. Your current off hand is doing nothing for you with that Agility. Strength, Strength, Strength for Fury. The Meteorite Whetstone needs to go as well. I would say farm up the Banner of Victory from Toc 5 man. I would look for a strength cloak too, as Agility is alright, but not great. I can understand your reasoning for wearing the mark of the relentless, but it is a tanking ring more so than dps. Gem expertise over strength if you have to, as it will net you more DPS than strength until you hit about 22-24 expertise rating.
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    DPS Plan of action...

    First thank you all for your answers... Now I know where i should post...

    I am going to focus in on Slam procs and expertise and try to obtain the elusive Edge of Ruin until then I am going to replace the Claymore and go with the Claymore of the lost prophet.

    I am going to obtatin the Darkmoon Card: Greatness by the end of the week and get the belt of titans and try to farm the legs from 10 VOA.

    Is it a better idea to put Cat's swiftness enchant on my boots as opposed to Icewalker for raiding purposes?

    My DPS last night on Korolan was 3850...

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