I was thinking that, pvp should only be about pvp and it should be possible to go through with 0 pve. I made a test through WoWhead's character simulator with an arms warr axe specced using full pvp gear. That is everything relentless, titan-forged attack power trinket and battlemaster's trinket. The result is 1055 resilience, 33.7% crit and 4700 AP, 0% ArP ofc and 32500 hp. Full strength gemmed except 2x str/stam for the meta socket.

Could probably run with a sword too these days but i like to see my crit over 30% and axe spec makes this possible without having to gem for it. Obviously the big plus is the survivability with over 32 hp+battelmaster's and over 1k resilience which should make him a beast, along with a consistent dps without counting on some random trinket proc, but im still not confident against imba wizard cleave comps and their "resilience penetrating" spells. Any thoughts?