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Thread: Ignis 10M

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    Ignis 10M

    Hey all - after finally zoning in last night our guild cleared FL10 and Razor10. Made our way over to Ignis, who proceeded to fuck us up. Discounting the arbitrary melee attacks on people in the slag pot, there seemed to be one major issue.

    The adds were spawning at such a high rate that our add tank was having issues getting them all under control. It felt to me (very early impressions) that they perhaps just turned the damage, HP of the mobs in the fight down without adjusting the spawn rate. This sure feels like its more optimal for 3 tanks.

    Has anyone else been facing similar issues? Has anyone gotten Ignis10 and has any general tips? Hopefully tonight the random melee will be fixed and we can go back at him.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Ignus 10M

    I was on add duty last night in our 10 man run and I have to say it did seem like the adds were spawning a little fast and I felt like I was very efficient in immediately kiting the first add into scorch, waiting for 20 stacks, then kiting it to the water.

    The second problem I had was figuring out the border of the scorch AoE. Due to the fact that we didn't have a class that could root the add, I could only stun it for 6 seconds while it was in scorch then position myself in such a way that I was standing just outside scorch while the add was inside of it.

    This was somewhat akward as the scorch graphic to me didn't clearly indicate where it began and where it ended. Needless to say, I took unnecessary damage trying to get myself just outside scorch.

    While it wasn't fatal in any way I felt like it put unnecessary pressure on the healers.

    I just wish the scorch graphic was simply ground-based and not this somewhat cone-shaped fire graphic.
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    An untested thought regarding the flame cones....In Sartharion, if you turn spell-detail all the way down it thins out the flame walls such that the actual wall part becomes a lot more apparent. I may try this tonight in 25 man to see if this happens to the flame cones for Ignis. If so, it may help in the position of the adds. Another dangerious strategy would be to have a hunter drop a frost trap on the tank at the pull, or every 3rd or so scorch. Would make kiting them much more simple

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    The way we do it:
    Hunter MD's Ignis to the MT. He also constanly MD's to the OT.

    The OT has enough to do having to kite adds into the flames, and the water.
    The MT Pulls to a waterpocket ( strafe pull so that you're fast, or Intervene a friendly target if you're a warrior ). This will make him drop his first Flamecone at the water, making it easier for the OT.

    From there on out kit him around the raid, facing away from the raid.
    ADDS: We let a druid root the adds, or/and a mage Frost Nova. That way the OT can kite the adds into the flames, but stay outside safely.

    I made a graphic for my guild to clear it up, how it helps you aswell:

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    Any way you can post that picture to the Gallery here or something? I cant see it and would really like to. We had some issues with him last night
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    Did they actually hot fix the melee/slag pot gibs with the rolling restarts today? Can anyone confirm that it is fixed? Thanks ahead of time.

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    They say they did, but I still got gibbed a few times this evening.

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    We killed ignis on 10 man but he bugged out and when the boss was being pulled back to the starting position someone pulled aggro and main tank got slag potted. On attempts afterwards people would get slag potted but the MT would take the actual slag damage. No one had the chance to get meleed/slag potted from then out b/c the MT took all the damage from the slag pot.

    On 25m he was still melee critting/slag potting people.
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    Solid Strategy:

    Okay, you can actually tank this bastard in basically one location, remove most of the movement of the fight, and be safe about the Scorches. What you need to know is that if he casts the Scorch on the water, it does not land.

    So, pull him to one of the water pockets, I like to center him right on the waters edge, and rotate him toward the ramp where you came from. When Scorch is cast, run into the water and tank him there standing a few feet into the water (he can stay out of the water). He will cast Scorch and it will fizzle out. Rotate him the toward where he was standing, keeping him in the same place. Now, just repeat back and forth, always going into the same spot in the water and alternating Scorch sides.

    Here is what will happen: First, as soon as one of the side Scorches goes out another one is cast, meaning only one is up at a time, and you don't have to worry about moving or spacing. Second, no Scorch damage on anyone in the Cauldron every-other time, because they drop into the water. Third, the add tank can tank adds and quickly pull them into the water to make them brittle. Now, if you pay attention, you can always ensure you are on the other side of the water pocket from the exploding brittle add, and then when it is downed, move toward the center to fizzle every-other Scorch. Finally, healers, ranged, and melee all do not have to move, except when they are pulled into the cauldron. Since everyone is close to the boss and does not have to move, he does not run far to collect people, and thus does not accidently Scorch where you do not want him to. He always has time to get back to the tank. This also maximizes DPS.

    The tanks do all the rotating and positioning and it makes it easy on everyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishoptwo View Post
    On 25m he was still melee critting/slag potting people.
    I think you can minimize the chances of this happening if everyone is in melee range. Less time for him being ready for next auto-attack while running. Easy to do with an strategy like Bayho's.
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    Effective Strat Anyone?

    Ok, we enjoyed a few hours of wipes on this guy last night. Near the end we started nailing down a viable strat. This was before the changes they hot-patched this am so hopefully we should have better luck.

    MT -me
    OT - DK
    2 Healers (Priest, Druid)
    3 Ranged DPS (2 Mages, Hunter)
    3 Melee (Warrior, Rogue, Shammy)

    We tried the tanking in the corner method to no avail and finally swaped to tanking him right between the two pools in the center of the room. I would have the Hunter MD to me and immediately turn him away from the raid (so he was standing between the pools and facing his alcove where he starts).

    Essentially I would turn him to face the left pool for his first scorch and the slowly rotate him for each additional scorch. The melee would DPS on his back/sides.

    As the Golems became active the hunter would MD to the OT/DK who would drag them to scorch areas (1st one I laid down) and use ice chains/hunter traps, etc to slow and keep him there. The trick is making sure the healers are on their toes to heal the OT through any scorch damage if they misstep.

    We would rinse and repeat this process. Because we didn't try 3 tank method as additional adds came up the hunter would kite them until DK could pick them up.

    As each one became molten they would drag them to the pools and wait for shatter (learned the hard way to back away from them when this happened).

    While this was going on the remainder of the raid was on the boss and praying they didn't get potted.


    Things that sucked during the 10-Man

    - OT and/or Kiter being potted : Happened several times
    - OT/Kiter missing a golem and watching MT Healer get 1-shotted
    - Healers foregtting to stop casting during the aoe and getting silenced
    - Potted folks getting melee hit for 15-20k and dying due to DoT + Swing Dmg

    All in all the position seemed to work for our group. It did take us awhile to get the hang of the adds and hopefully the 40sec timer will help greatly as well as the reduced scorch damage.

    Essentially turning him in an arc seemed to work, I did have to run through an occasional scorch but it was a starfe move and our MT healer was able to heal through it easily enough.

    We were contemplating 2 Healers + 1 Off-Heals due to the pot damage issues and scorch last night. Also 3 Tank method may be beneficial as well or a Pally off tank who can off-heal as needed on the adds.

    When we get him down tonight I'll post a vid and link it in this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pio View Post
    Ok, we enjoyed a few hours of wipes on this guy last night. Near the end we started nailing down a viable strat.
    You should seriously consider what we did, read two posts above your own.
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    Anyone know of solid list of his abilities an how they work. These strategies sound great and all but knowing exactly what flame jets and what not does would be way better for understanding the strategies and making up my own. Like slowly turning him when hes casting scorch and what not, does it randomly put the aoe on the ground infront or behind him or what?

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    I attempted OTing Ignis 10 man tonight and I had the same difficulties as everyone else who OT'd. One of the really big problems was with finding the edge of the fire cones and kiting the adds in such a way that I didn't have to step into the fire in order for them to get the debuff.

    How can I best kite the adds into the fire cones? Do i have to strafe around the fire cones? Is it just easier to walk into the fire cones and position the add inside and then reverse my own position out of the fire cone (I know it's a poor option)? Would it be easier for ranged dps (Moonkin and Mage for roots) to CC and/or kite around or through the fire cones?

    Please help = /

    **Update** Some of the OTs, in videos I have been watching on Youtube of successful Ignis encounters, did just walk in to the scorched areas and snare or root the constructs. This puts some extra pressure on a dedicated OT healer, but from the looks of the videos the pro's out weigh the con's. Needless to say, they are most likely very well geared.
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    Flame Jets are just raid-wide AE, unavoidable if I recall properly. The Scorch ALWAYS lands right in front of wherever he is when he starts casting it, so you must have him facing the direction you want him facing when he begins casting Scorch.
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    We just had the OT tank the adds in the flames, healers managed to keep him up through it. Also when he hit about 30% we completely ignored the adds and just burnt him down. Think we ended up with 4 adds out but it worked.

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    Here is the positioning we did for Ignis.

    Sorry for how crude this is, but I am no photoshop wonder ;p MSPaint will have to do. Its obviously not 100% accurate, but I hope this atleast gives you the picture of what my raid did when we downed Ignis tonight.

    The Red dots was me(MT) and where I tried to tank Ignis. The Orange circles are where I dropped the scorches. That bar down the middle between the ponds of water was my marker during that fight. I tried to keep scorches completely out of the row of bricks down the middle. That row of bricks stands out during(different coloring and a different pattern) the fight if you keep scorches out of it. The green is the where the DPS stood, and the purple are the healers.

    Alright, so I began tanking in the lower right, with Ignis MD'd to me there. Once he got to me, he usually casted the first scorch in the first 15 seconds of melee combat with me. He would either Activate Construct or Scorch, it varied between attempts in what he would do. Once the first scorch started casting(you can begin to change positions when he starts casting Scorch, it will not turn him), I would move him across the bricks to the opposite side(Upper Right)and tank him there til the next scorch. I would then move him to the Upper Left(face him toward the water then rotate to where the red dot is in the upper left) until the next scorch, and upon the next scorch, i was at the lower left. I just kept him moving between those 4 positions with every scorch. I kept that middle brick line clear of scorches so that the healers could move along that line and heal me and the add tank without having to dodge the scorches themselves, as well as giving the DPS an easy way to move without having to step into the scorched area as well. Consequently, with the large swaths of scorched ground up at the same time, it let our boomkin entangle adds that aggro'd on heals before it got to the heals. The aggro'd constructs had to cross that scorched earth to get to the healers along that brick line usually, and it also bought the tank time to pick them up. We rarely had more than one stack of the damage buff up on Ignis during the fight using this strategy.

    I hope this helps some of you, it took us 2 hours of wipes to get a working strategy down for Ignis, and this was the fruit of our labor ;p

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    Hi there new guy here, my team of raiders just got done downing Ingus ourselves and we killed him using an unconventional strategy.

    I was the offtank on my Death Knight for the adds and I personaly had trouble keeping one in the fire long enough for it to get molten before the spot dissapeared. We tried this strategy to several variations but to no avail.

    Then we decided to do something crazy. We had our main tank on Ingus tanking him in one of the pools and I would run up and down the room kiting the adds while I was being healed by our third healer. I will admit that there were a good 4 times I almost died and did end up dead when he was at 15k left but we did end up killing him with a large ammount of adds up. If you have realy good tanks and heals this is an alternate strategy I decided to share since we did not have succces with the normal way. I know it was probably not the brightest idea but it did work and that is how we killed him.

    Raid set up
    2 Frost Dk Tanks
    1 Resto Druid
    1 Resto Shaman
    1 Holy Pladin
    1 Rogue
    1 Unholy DK DPS
    1 Frost Mage
    1 Shadow Preist
    1 Elemental Shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hastur View Post
    Hi there new guy here, my team of raiders just got done downing Ingus ourselves and we killed him using an unconventional strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne View Post
    Um dunnow, who that is.


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