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Thread: [Coliseum 25 HC] Faction Lineup Question

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    [Coliseum 25 HC] Faction Lineup Question

    Hello we got:

    Holy Priest
    Holy Pala
    Resto Schaman

    and we cant Handle it actualy they Nuke us down liek nothink else...

    Our Plan was
    Roques on Pala/Priest Kicking
    1x Dk Grabs Ms 1x Grabs Roque after SS,Charge

    We kill first the Schaman than the Hunter than all the Melees

    but it actualy did not work that well cauz anythink is 2Shooting around...

    would be really nice if someone has some ideas for us

    thx a lot

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    We’ve had issues in the past but lately we do some variation of the following theme ill try and apply to your set up:

    Order / npc / cc
    5 Holy Priest - rogue stunning and kicking heals + lock fears when until dr
    6 Holy Pala - rogue stunnin and kickin heals
    1 Resto Schaman - burn it with someone peelin off for totems
    4 DK - cc with your last available form, cc'r on rogue will switch to this and free that person up after 1st target dies
    2 Roque - burn second. make sure clothies get bops when low or gettin beat on until its dead
    3 MS - we usually have a feral drood who just roots and cyclones while announcing status of cc on the war so the raid knows when they need to gtfo
    7 Hunter - mage poly
    8 Shadow - fear/poly/anything else, usually left to free cast if we dont have any cc left
    9 Mage - fear/poly/anything else, usually left to free cast if we dont have any ccleft

    Hexer - [too early, whats that mean?]

    -the fight is drastically easier if you pick a disc priest or pally and assign them to only dispelling. ie on recount that person should have over 150-200 dispells by the end of the fight
    -ensure ppl stay topped or have a bop or hand of sacrifice on them when low as the mobs will select and kill lowest hp in closest proximity
    -keep vent clear so gaps in cc can be communicated and handled
    -pets can be taunted
    -after the first 3-4 targets are dead you can pretty much assume your golden, as long as ppl keep pushing etc. i wouldnt use battle res until the 3rd goes down tbh
    -we rotate bubble sacs and burn survivability cds in the begining of the right. note the first minute or so youll deal with semi random mob targeting, heroism/lust, cc being picked up, retaliation on the warrior.

    last note: the mobs do not have aggro tables but they do have a targeting system:

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    A couple other tips:
    -assign specific healers to /focus the most dangerous enemies (rogue, warrior, hunter). They can then start to throw heals on whoever that NPC targets.
    -assign a raid member to every single NPC to CC them somehow. For some of the weaker NPCs (e.g. the spriest/boomkin), we just have mages counterspell/sheep/etc. For the most dangerous (healers, melee DPS), we have our best players on full time CC duty.
    -make your best players CC. As long as they can keep NPCs occupied, even your poor DPS can burn the first target or two, after which things become faceroll easy.
    -SPREAD OUT. Use any knockback abilities you have, use DG, etc. NPCs grouping up on top of your players = assist trains = death.


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