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Thread: Warrior tank in desperate need of help

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    Warrior tank in desperate need of help

    I Have no Idea why but I get hit a lot harder then any other tank in my guild currently. I tened to balence my gear out so my dodge parry and block isnt that far apart.

    26 Dodge
    19 Parry
    20 Block (Without sheild block. Im a warrior btw)

    i have abut 34k unbuffed and my stats are almost the same as a pally tank in my guild and yet i get hit 5 times harder then he does. Healers complain that i get hit very hard and i cant figure out why. I think it may be a problem with Dimishing returns. Here is my current gear.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    IF someone could help me out it would be much appericated

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    I believe you have enough defense to swap those 16 defense rating gems to 30 stamina gems, if not; enchant your shield/chest with defense. If you dont need def enchants on either, put 275 health/10 all stats on chest and 18 stamina on shield.
    Enchant your cloak with armor, maybe gloves also if you dont have any threat proplems.
    That 20 parry gem is bad, you shouldnt gem for pure parry ever. If you want that socket bonus there go with dodge+stamina / agi+stamina.
    Level up your blacksmithing for lovely 2 free sockets.
    Spec for improved demoralizing shout and remember to keep it up.

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    It probably appears you get hit harder because when you do, the % of your health drops a lot further. (10k to someone with 30k health is 33% whereas 10k to someone with 40k health is 25%).

    But ya, what the guy above me said. Don't really worry about balancing your avoidance ratings, you'll get enough raw avoidance from gear for the most part. You've simply gotta be able to survive the big hits.

    Change the gem in your pants to either 10agi/15stam or 10dodge/15 stam like the good fellow above me suggested. You have the 30stam/15 resil shoulder enchant, so you can actually drop down to 536 defense and still be uncrittable, so lose all the defense gems/enchants. 240 armor to gloves, 225 armor to cloak, 18 stam to shield, etc. Also, get rid of fervor of the frorstborne fast. Pick up either the glyph of indominability or heart of iron or brewfest trinkets if you got those and put those in that spot. Jug's vitality would be ideal if you have access to the 25 man normal version of that. I'd probably even use essence of gossimar against the fervor of the frostborne.
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    So is it safe to say that avodince is so messed up that you should only worry about stamina and armor?

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    You are propaply raiding toc mainly and theres several big sources of damage that you cannot avoid with any amount of dodge/parry (gormok's impale,magical dmg) so big health pool and hefty armor is king there.

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    What horrible HP he has, is he boasting with that? Can't see why.
    The Ashbringer...

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    THis is why i am tryinjg to get help. I have taken some advice in getting more stam gems however i havent tanked another encounter. Last time i did i got rocked in 25 man Ony beyond being healed.

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    also another thing. I did all the recommenjd enchants. Is there still much more i need to do in order to be actually healable in say ony 25 or gormok 25 man or am i good?

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    in toc... armour and health pool is the key. after 45% dodge+parry, go for stam.

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    Ok. Upon takeing aggs advice i have replaced most of my gems with stam and got some armor enchants. I Have also replaced fever of the frostborn with the essence of gosammer. But that brings my dodge all the way down to 23. IS this too significent of a loss?

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