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Thread: Shiny Fury Gear = No Expertise

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    Shiny Fury Gear = No Expertise

    I was so happy to be picking up some shiny new gear:

    Vambrances of Unholy Command to replace Wristband of the Sentinel Huntress,

    Wrynn's Gauntlets of Triumph to replace Valorous Dreadnaught Gauntlets

    Girdle of the Impaler to replace Girdle of Razuvious

    but as I try to equip them my Expertise is going down the tube.

    What has everyone been doing about this? Do I just have to let go of my love of Strength and Crit gems and gem/enchant for expertise? Does the really high level gear bring expertise back?

    Here's me on the armory and thanks in advance

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    Expertise started to become a little bit of a pain when Weapon Mastery was moved out of the Fury tree, but it's still doable to stay on the cap. If you have access to 10-man ToC, you can pick up a Victor's Call (Victor's Call - Item - World of Warcraft) relatively easily. I've seen it drop a few times. There are generally better trinkets out there, but it's very nice if you need expertise. You could also pick up the Crimson Star - Item - World of Warcraft for 25 Emblems of Triumph and get a small expertise boost there.

    Don't be afraid to gem for expertise if you're under capped. You can also try using expertise food. Rhinolicious Wormsteak - Item - World of Warcraft - 40 expertise rating.

    The higher level of gear does generally bring expertise back. You get most of it from your T9 legs - 72 expertise rating on the Conquest legs, 82 expertise rating on the Triumph legs, and 94 expertise rating on the Heroic Triumph legs.
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    Generally, you'll see a sudden dip in your Expertise as your gear changes from the current ilvl you are using to the higher ranks. As the OP stated, there are some great opportunities to get gear that will augment your Expertise.

    One thing I did notice, on your bracers, there is no Enchant, if you're lacking I'd recommend enchanting for Expertise. Also, you may want to check out the Belt of the Titans and/or the Keen Obsidian Blade from Onyxia 10m. If you use gems to offset the balance for the time being, the Precise Cardinal Ruby works wonders here. Once you get your Expertise at the cap, just regem for Strength and you'll be fine.

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    Thank you both! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious and it looks like I'm not. Gemming, food and patience are what I need

    Thanks for pointing out the missing enchant on the bracers, Xirek. I just put those on last night for the higher gear score for Flame Leviathan. We're trying to farm the legendary weapon for our healer. I still wear Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress when I'm doing anything
    "'important" and they are enchanted.

    Again, thanks to you both
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