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Thread: Heroic Strike in Rotation

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    Heroic Strike in Rotation

    I've been tanking since i started playing wow but I've never used HS in my Rotation. I just use Cleave with the Cleave Glyph. Is it really a helpful ability? I've never had trouble with threat with how i tank but seems like everyone uses Improved Heroic Strike. I also use Rend on bosses with Deep wounds

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    For single target, heroic strike is far more damage and threat than cleave. Don't waste time rending. Deep wounds rocks.
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    Notlob its a palindrome
    Heroic Strike Rank 13
    15 Rage Melee Range
    Next melee
    Requires Melee Weapon
    A strong attack that increases melee damage by 495 and causes a high amount of threat. Causes 173.25 additional damage against Dazed targets.
    Cleave Rank 8
    20 Rage Melee Range
    Next melee
    Requires Melee Weapon
    A sweeping attack that does your weapon damage plus 222 to the target and his nearest ally.
    You should be using heroic strike when you have the rage so about above 20 rage its basically a single target version of cleave that does alot more damage.

    It is NOT part of your rotation it is something you spam when you have the rage, due to it being on next swing like cleave you can use it at the same time as other abillities (apart from cleave).

    I haven't touched my warrior but I reckon rend is a waste of a gcd most likely.

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    Well I see your point but Cleave I most often use a another AoE more then a Single Target spam ability. Other wise I'm working Between SS Revenge Devastate SW and TC

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    Rend is only really useful for Arms due to Thirst For Blood procs and increased bleed damage.

    Cleave is good against trash.

    Heroic Strike is good against bosses. Infact, some might say it's manditory.

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    Manditory really?

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    Think of it this way. You're taking every white swing adding 495 damage to it, adding extra threat to it, AND removing the chance for it to be a glancing blow. Most tank weapons are around a 1.6 speed. Even with no haste and not factoring in glancing blows, that is ~309 DPS, if you turn every white swing into a HS. Once you factor in the haste you have from raid buffs and parry hasting, the number of swings you get goes up. Then factor in that you removed glancing blows from all those swings and the number gets even bigger. Now you can't turn 100% of your white swings to HS in every fight due to rage limitations, but that does not negate the fact that by not using it you're throwing away damage.

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    Well with how warriors are now we hardly get starved for rage anymore after a certain point in a fight

    *Edit* Plus you jsut said my favorite words more DPS for prot

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    Depends on the fight really. I always find myself rage starved on Jaraxuss normal, 10 or 25 man. Heroic10 isn't as bad cause there more damage, and i usually single tank it so there more stuff hitting me.

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    I can't even get a 10 ToC that can get past Beasts of Northrend

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