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Thread: Best setup for 10man Raiding

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    Best setup for 10man Raiding

    Hello, I would like some opinions as to what the best general class set up for 10man Raid(ICC) would be. Thx edit; Forming a 10man guild of 6 close friends (disgruntled from thier large guilds) and on the look out for a few more ppl
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    doesn't really matter. go with the 10 best players you can find.

    key things you will want to be optimal :

    mix of melee and ranged. you will want 2 capable of tanking, 1 of which with a good dps dual spec and gear. you will want 3 healers, at least 1 of which with good dps dual spec and gear. you will want a shaman. You will want something with reliable interrupts. You will want something with an MS effect. You'll want a priest and a paladin, preferably 2 pallies. Some decent blend of CC is pretty useful as well.

    These are the guidlines I use to build Uld Drake runs and ToGC 10 mans.
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    I typed out a load of stuff but the connection dropped and it was lost anyway, this what we have learnt from the past year of raiding as a 10 man guild:

    Must haves:

    - Some sort of replenishment (hunter/ret pala/shadow priest)

    - Heroism (ie. a shammy)

    - an Offensive dispeller (Ideally shammy or priest)

    - one of each type of defensive dispeller (ideally non-healing classes if possible)

    - a class with a wounding debuff (arms warrior, MM hunter, rogue)

    Very useful to have (but not essential):

    - At least two types of tank (we've ran with 3 warriors so it's doable without)

    - A paladin tank healer / a paladin full stop (we've ran without one and managed,even before kings drums). JoL/BoP/beacon etc. are all amazing in 10 mans for utility.

    - At least one healer and tank capable of good dps in an offspec, same with your. It makes it a lot easier to gear up and run with a smaller team if you have good hybrids. If you want to get hard stuff down quickly then these are important IMO.

    - a resistance buff of each type (motw/pala/totems/aspect/shadow prot)

    - a good balance of melee and ranged (at least 2 of either)

    - a roster bigger than 10 players, ideally at least +1 for each role (tank/heal/dps) but not over 15/16 else you dilute your loot pool.

    - ventrilo
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    thx for the response

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